Reputation is a number between 0 and 20 that shows how a party is looked upon. It is used to determine certain characters' reactions, whether or not NPCs will stay in your party, how prices in stores are adjusted, whether or not Reputation Traps are activated, et cetera.

Reputation bonuses (Baldur's Gate I)

Per location, a brief description of how you can gain bonuses to your Reputation. In total, you can gain 25 Reputation.

NW Baldur's Gate

  • Quinn and Nester's Dagger: +1

NE Baldur's Gate

  • Cure Brielbara's daughter: +1

W Baldur's Gate

  • Give Skull of Kereph to Agnasia to cure Ghorak: +1

Central Baldur's Gate

  • Tell Nadine you gave Euric the amulet & NPC reaction 8 or higher: +1

SW Baldur's Gate

  • Seven Suns Doppelgangers slain, Jhasso survived: +2
  • Give Fergus an Angel Skin Ring 1

Baldur's Gate Docks

  • Give Noralee Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (requires NPC reaction 8 or higher): +1
  • Kill Sirines at Lighthouse for Cordyr (requires Reputation below 15): +1

Fishing Village

  • Give Farmer Brun 100 GP when returning son's body: +1

Friendly Arm Inn

  • Return Joia's Flamedance ring: +1
  • Bring Samuel to Gellana: +1

High Hedge

  • Saved Melicamp: +1


  • Return Firebead Elvenhair's History of the Fateful Coin: +1
  • Kill Halfogres at Fisherman's Lake for Bjornin: +1

Mutamin's Garden

  • Refuse reward for saving Tamah: +1


  • Kill Worgs to help Ardrouine's son: +1

Archaeological Site

  • Help Charleston: +1

Lonely Peaks

  • Defend Hulrik's cow Arabelle from Xvarts: +1


  • Bring Captain Brage to Nalin: +1
  • Tell Oublek you're not Greywolf: +1
  • Clearing the Nashkel Mines: +1

Dryad Falls

  • Return Drienne's cat & reaction 15+: +1
  • Aided Dryad of the Cloudpeaks without insisting on payment (may demand): +1

Nashkel Mines

  • Kill Greywolf: +1

Reputation penalties (Baldur's Gate I)

Per location, a brief description of how you can gain penalties to your Reputation. In total, you can lose 14 Reputation in "hard" points. Committing murder -killing someone who didn't attack you or if listed below- will reduce your Reputation to 10 if it's higher and by 2 or 3 if your Reputation is 10 or lower. Getting caught stealing reduces your Reputation by 1 or 2.

N Baldur's Gate

  • Blackmail Areana: -4
  • Talk to Petrine after killing her cat: -1
  • Talk to Bheren after killing Petrine' cat & Reputation is 8 or higher: -1

NE Baldur's Gate

  • Kill Brielbara (you won't help her): Murder

SW Baldur's Gate

  • Kill Phandalyn (attacks evil party members): Murder

Baldur's Gate Docks

  • Kill Entillis Fulsom (attacks if your Reputation is below 8): Murder

Cloakwood Druids (3)

  • Kill Laskal (you say you work for Iron Throne): Murder


  • Viconia joins party: -2


  • Kill Thugs for Silke: -2
  • Kill Marl after calming him down: Murder

Mutamin's Garden

  • Demand reward for saving Tamah: -1

Archaeological Site

  • Kill Charleston: Murder
  • Give idol to Galor: -2

Fisherman's Lake

  • Kill Drizzt: Murder.


  • Threaten to steal from Joseph's wife: -1

Dryad Falls

  • Kill Dryad of the Cloudpeaks: Murder

Reputation bonuses (Baldur's Gate II)

  • Viconia leaves party: +2
  • Speak to guard in front of Circus Tent after dealing with Kalah: +1

Reputation penalties (Baldur's Gate II)

  • Slayer change: -2
  • Viconia joins party: -2
  • Allow Anomen to take revenge

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