David, can you make a new grounded series? Can you make Jack from rockable5000? Can you make "Jack's Parents Get Plastic Surgery"? Make Erika's dad in this video. Jack's dad wears a green hat, red & yellow shirt & his pants. Then, his looks his gone, so, his shirt color will be red & green, hat color will be blue & his eyes will look similar to JosephComedian2000 & his voice will be Dave. Jack's mom: her shirt will be pink & her voice will be Belle. Make a grounded series about Alberto & Maggie from Vexy N., and make the third grounded series about TheSuperBaxter from likeplaneboy. Make a new grounded series about Catherine & his parents from Jaxen Ross. Make the characters from "Catherine saves Baxter and other grounded YouTubers". Make Derek from caroline0204.

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