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Calendar Admin


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1.0 Jonathan Capps   25/04/2007

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Calendar Admin Application


To develop an administration application to create, update and delete Calendar items (or ’events’), which will then drive a separate display module for those events.

The events will be organised by community and date. Events entered under the Corporate community will show in all Communities’ calendar.

Creating community level calendars will create a more centralised and easy to manage system to control each community’s events which is viewable to all relevant people.

Existing Process and methodology:

Currently users have individual calendars through their Microsoft Exchange interfaces. These calendars will not be replaced but the Intranet’s calendars will be for more general events and reminders. Currently Community level calendars don’t exist in a widespread way, and any events are usually stored in an individual’s calendar through Microsoft Exchange or personal paper calendars.

Proposed Process and methodology

The new application will create an interface for the easy entry of calendar events. The events have to be categorised by community and date.

The community will be selected through a drop down menu on the main page, and this will control which communities are displayed and which communities a new event is added to. The list of communities will be security controlled based on the user.

There will be 2 types of user for this application.

These are summarised in the table below

User/Actor Role Name Actual User type Description
Event Creator A user who has been tasked with the creation of events in a given Community or communities One or more users per community who will create events under a specific community. These users can also edit these items.
System Administrator Employee responsible for maintaining and trouble shooting the application within the intranet.  

Methodology and process for a Event Creator using the calendar admin tool:

An employee will access this application from the ’My Tools’ menu under the option ’Calendar Administration’ (Figure 1)

File:Requirements - Calendar Admin 02.png

Figure 1 – Selecting the Event Administration tool from the menu

Only users that have at least event admin control of one community will see this option in the ’My Tools’ menu. This will launch a form similar to Figure 2.

File:Requirements - Calendar Admin 03.png

Figure 2 – The Event admin tool listing all the events in descending date order for a particular community

This application will have the following elements.

  • It will identify the user accessing the form and ascertain the user’s security roles and select the Communities the user has access to. It then will allow the appropriate community to be selected from a drop-down menu. (1)
  • It will list the events attached to that community, sorted by date. Each event has the name, location, date, and duration in days. (2)
  • The options to edit, delete or add an event are given to the user. (3)

File:Requirements - Calendar Admin 04.png

Figure 3 – The form for adding or editing a calendar event.

Adding and Editing events

When the user wishes to edit or add a new event, a form similar to Figure 3 is used:

The form will have the following elements:

  • Event Subject: The subject heading of the event. (4)
  • Description: A longer description of the event. (5)
  • Location: The location of the event. (6)
  • Date: The date the event is taking place. There shouldn’t be the option to select a date in the past. (7)
  • Duration: The duration of the event in days. (8)
  • Community (Hidden): The calendar event should be attached to a community, which should be selected at some point. This should be a hidden value that was selected on the previous page when a community was selected from the drop-down menu.


As seen in Figure 2, when browsing calendar events users will have the option to delete. The delete action will flag the event as inactive and remove any reference to it, but system administrators will be able to access inactive events to reverse the delete or to possibly permanently remove the item.

Business Data Requirements

The following are data requirements that are to be used when the system is being designed.

1. Event Subject is mandatory and limited to 50 characters in length

2. Description is mandatory and not technically limited.

3. Location is mandatory and limited to 60 characters in length.

4. Date is a mandatory field. It must be of a certain pattern, which is controlled by the date picker application (Figure 4)

5. Duration is a mandatory field. It must be a number between 1 and 2 characters.

File:Requirements - Calendar Admin 05.png

Figure 4 – The date picker

After the calendar event has been published it will be available to view under the relevant community via the calendar view (not shown, please see the Calendar Display Specification Document).

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