BibleTalesClassicz's Movie-Spoof of "Bambi".


  • Baby Jesus (The Christmas Story) as Baby Bambi
  • Rerun Van Pelt (Peanuts) as Young Bambi
  • Aidan Terry as Adult Bambi
  • The Pigtailed Girl (Peanuts) as Young Faline
  • Mimi Hong as Adult Faline
  • Cody (The Rescuers Down Under) as Young Thumper
  • Ken Masters (Street Fighter Series) as Adult Thumper
  • Ness (Earthbound) as Young Flower
  • Chief Thunder (Killer Instinct) as Adult Flower
  • Gramps (The Nuttiest NutCracker) as Friend Owl
  • Captain Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as The Great Prince of the Forest
  • Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Bambi's Mother
  • Cammy (Street Fighter Series) as Miss Bunny (Thumper's Girlfriend) 
  • Bright River (Killer Instinct Comic) as Bluebelle (Flower's Girlfriend) 
  • Jennifer Hong (Kids Church Classics) as Faline's Mother
  • Jess (Spymasters) as Thumper's Mother
  • Various female Pokémon (Pokémon) as Thumper's Four Sisters
  • Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) as Man
  • Killer Whales (The Pebble and the Penguin) as Hunting Dogs
  • Fulgore (Killer Instinct) as Ronno

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