Rescue Squad Yoshi is a Yoshi's Tall Tales short.


Mario and Yoshi are driving in the Mushroom Kingdom and drive past Baby Mario. Yoshi tells Mario that he used to be a firefighter but Mario does not believe Yoshi. The film then shows a burning building (the gasoline and match factory) and many Toads are scared. Yoshi is then shown as a firefighter and the fire alarm rings. Yoshi quickly zooms over the burning building and shoots water at the burning building. Toadette and Daisy are there too and are painted white and black spots like Dalmations. Then the film goes back to Mario and Yoshi. Mario tells Yoshi that he does not believe him about being a firefighter. Yoshi tells Mario to remember that he was there too. The film then goes back to Rescue Squad Yoshi rescuing Mario from the building and put into a ambulance just when the building blows up. Mario is then rushed to the hospital and seen going through many doors and then seen in Dr. Yoshi's office revealing that Yoshi is a doctor too. Toadette and Daisy also appear as nurses. Mario is then screaming as he is getting repaired. Back in the Mushroom Kingdom Mario and Yoshi argue about if in is true or not and did to when Peach drives by Yoshi and Yoshi says, "Did, too" and drives away. The film ends.

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