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This is a site where we hope to compile a list of complaints for a song that Resonance will commission and then perform.


I'm an old, bold woman, not a meek Senior Citizen. Old is not a four letter word. Use it.

Since I started using a cane, no one asks me to sign petitions (or, people equate physical handicap to mental incapacity.)

When I was young, I was hot but didn't know better. Now I'm old, not so hot, and wish I'd been paying attention!

There's that one stray hair that is growing straight out of my cheek and if I forget to check it for a few months, it can get really long.

Getting older is a bitch; it hurts when I get up, and it hurts when I go to bed.

God won't take me and I've ready to go.

That I've outlived everyone.

I don't know where I am or what I'm supposed to be doing.

I have no energy.

I feel abandoned.

Don't hear from friends often enough.

Elderly folks are medicated to the point of oblivion. No one seems to care. The doctors keep piling the pills on, never really stopping to consider that elders don't metabolize like youngsters. And that medication upon medication creates new problems that didn't even exist before.

Hate this assisted living place and want my old house back.

It's too late to retire young.

My 40s.

And whose idea was this death thing, anyhow?

Birthdays suck


Cabbage gives me gas

How do they expect you to go to the movies when they print the times so small you don’t know when the movie starts?

How about chin hairs?

I stupidly made an opthalmology appointment without realizing it was the day before Thanksgiving. The doctor confirmed I can't see anything close up and suggested I go to COSTCO and buy more glasses. He also told me to hold the book about 3 feet from my eyes. He didn't tell me how to stretch my arms another foot. Big help he was

My body is falling apart and seems to have a life of its own on a course of destruction. They didn’t tell us about this part, the aches and pains and betrayal of the body!

I'm too old to have these zits.

Alternative lifestyle choices

Why do men tell lesbians they just haven't met the right man?

The whole world is against left-handed people.


I have spent far too many YEARS of my life standing in line at the Women's public restrooms.

Has anyone in the world ever found a restroom that had as many stalls all told to serve the number of women standing in line

There’s simply no excuse for restaurants not having HOT running water in bathrooms.

People should not talk on the cell phone when they are in the bathroom stall next to you.

I hate it when people don't put in a new TP roll when the old one is used up.

If you're going to squat and pee, at least raise the seat before you do so!

Hair in the sink.

The showers at my tennis club aren't cleaned--the floors look like they have something growing on them and empty bottles of shampoo are left for weeks.

The soap dispenser is always empty.

High schools need to offer a class in changing the roll of toilet paper when it runs out. Apparently that's really hard to master.

The toilet paper is used so fast in my house I expect to have to hold funeral rites for specific trees!


I am tired of trying to keep my weight under control. At my age, I am tempted to just relax and let nature takes its course.

I’m getting older and my metabolism is changing. I can’t eat whatever I want.

Why is it always the overweight and unattractive men that seem to believe that every woman wants them?

They should make condoms in Large, X-Large and Super sizes so guys can get over their silly insecurities.

My butt is TOO big!

Day 2 of my period. 'Nuff said.

Menstrual cramps.

My period.

Nothing fits right. Every single part of me is either too big or too small.

My feet hurt.

My period started. Again. Seems like every month.

My bra's too big. My boobs slip out the bottom.

Mine is too small, and when I bend over, they come out the top.

My potential boyfriend doesn't have pussy! (for real, I got told this)

I have a complaint about the word "bitch". It is being used too much in too many places. It's inappropriate.

Why can't I find a bra that's comfortable?

Bras are too hard to unhook.

As soon as I find a bra I like, they quit making it.

Between hot flashes and global warming - why are my feet still cold?

Cars, Driving, Parking & Traffic

Mail carriers who deliver wrong mail to your rural box. plows that push the snow into the middle of the street, making it a challenge to make a left turn, or a mountain to climb if crossing the street on foot.

Traffic on Friday afternoons.

Drivers who are in too much of a hurry. I am so tired of being honked at because I don't charge out of a red light like an Indy driver at the flag. Or being tailgated so that someone can beat me to the next light. Everyone just needs to slow down and realize that they will get there when they get there and that endangering my life really won't get them there that much quicker.

I have to smell the stink of those big diesel pickups driving around town, even when I don’t choose to drive one. Those vehicles should be limited to country roads, not city streets.

D.C. traffic sucks (as in Washington).

People who run yellow lights.

People who run red lights.

The 3 cars who make their left turn after the light has already turned red on them.

It really grates on me when people parallel park their cars with the meter in the middle of the door rather than at the front of the car, almost as much as those who pull into a marked parking space at an angle thereby taking up two spaces.

Tail-gaters and cutters.


People not using their turn signals

People who don't use their blinkers.

Smokers who throw their cigarette butts on the ground or out the car window

Excessively loud motorcycles

Tailgaters and people who think they own the road.

The street signs are so tiny, you can never see what street you're approaching until you're under the sign (if there really is a sign) and already missing your turn. And, at night, it's even worse!! Who decides that these signs are the norm and doesn't figure out that they're unsafe???

When someone on their cell phone stops at a stop sign and just sits there. Since they're paying more attention to their conversation, does this give me permission to go? Do I sit until they figure out that they're holding up traffic? If I do go, is an accident my fault? How do I figure out what the loose cannon will do?

People with huge trucks that sit on my bumper so that their lights blind me.

Is it my fault that vehicles with huge engines give them more power than they can use in crowded traffic?

There's no place to park!

People around here don't know how to merge onto the highway.

Women who apply makeup while they are driving.

Arguments about gas money.

Pious Prius Owners.

I hate inattentive drivers.

It bugs me that the vast majority of human civilization has no clue what huge risks they face every day driving to work, and instead focus on the remote chance that they will die in a horrible plane crash.

SUVs/vans with mis-aligned headlights

Don't text message and drive...

How many traffic lights can we fit on this street?

Why is the light always red when I'm the only car at the intersection?

Trucks passing trucks

If you live here, buy a car that can handle the winter!

The light always turns red when I get to it.

Why does someone else always show up at the same time at 4-way stop signs?

Running out of windshield washer fluid.

Big chunks of snow stuck to the underside of my car.

Drivers who don't let you in when you're trying to change lanes.

The whole traffic rule of driving to the right is just wrong! People drive right into the bike lane and don't yield to ambulances! Drive in the center of your lane!

What's the deal with turn signals? Why don't people ever use them?

People who don’t merge where the merge lane begins, but rather fly by everyone else who's patiently waiting to merge where the lane ends. I really hate that.

I am sick of bad drivers.

I think that after age 70, people should have to pass a driving test every four years.

Gas is too expensive, and the price of Starbucks coffee went up!

This storing of extra calories thing doesn't work for me...the perfect kind of car would run off of my stored calories.

I hate people who complain about women drivers.

People who do not let other people merge into traffic

Cell Phones

Why is it that we'd never accept having to repeat ourselves or make the other person repeat themselves every other sentence when talking on a normal landline phone, but we happily accept it with mobile phones?

Text messaging! How can ANYONE think it's "fun" or "convenient" to sit and repeatedly press numbers to get to the desired letters? 3-3-3 2-2- 4-4-4 1 7-7-7 9-9 2-2-2 -- it drives me CRAZY! I HATE it!

Listening to teenagers loudly discussing their private lives on cell phones in public places.

People talking on cell phones in restaurants, especially if the conversation is clearly audible and also intimate.

My students needs a twelve-step program for their cell phones.

Blackberries in meetings.

I’m sick of people complaining about kids and their cell phones and technology. It’s not that bad, really. I’m sick of them saying we don’t know how to stop and smell the roses.

people talking on cell phones everywhere, in the airport, on my hiking trails. cell phones interrupting my thoughts all day long

People on cell phones who drive at the same time

When I am subjected to someone's long winded cell phone call in a public place.

Cell phones in public places.

Why are you texting? Turn your head and talk to each other.

The guy at work who leaves his cell phone on his desk on vibrate

People in crowded stores (like Whole Foods) who are on their cell phones and trying to shop and maneuver their cart. Get off your cell phone, or get out of my way!

I want to complain about cell phones that stop working right after their garantee ran out (grrrrrr, happend to me!!)

Everyone ignores "turn off your cell phone" announcements.

My phone is ringing but I can't find it.


All the Christmas parties I am invited to are happening on the same day.

Christmas music before Thanksgiving

People who complain about saying "Happy Holidays," and "Jesus is the reason for the season," not recognizing that there are other celebrations at this time of year and the timing of Christmas is all based on Pagan celebrations anyway


Messages that claim there is a sliding scale for how much your life will improve dependent solely upon how many friends to whom you forward the e-mail message. Who could possibly believe in this rationale? I never forward these messages to anyone, and armageddon hasn't found me yet.

Email chain letters: just send this to five people blah blah blah.

Spam, unsolicited email, spam about penis enlargement, emails trying to sell me something, spam that gets through my spam filter - did I mention spam?

OK, let's start with emails that end with "send this to everyone you know".

Too many emails

(from Australia) On a local level, I have just been on the phone in a queue, listening to the same head banging music for 36 minutes to get my server working again and then I found out that some idiot at the server office had changed my address

the Environment

How come nobody is complaining about the environment? Doesn't anybody care?

Bright city lights on a clear dark night.

Butterflies are now extinct in the Alps.

I have a complaint about the futility of trying to be "green" Burning bio diesel isn't necessarily cleaner...hybrid batteries are more toxic to dispose of. I am recycling all these bottles and cans, and a big old truck comes around to pick them up...getting what? 4 mpg?

Exercise & Sports

All the frigging injured players on my fantasy team - as soon as I get them and they do ok, someone offers me a trade and I turn it down - boom --- out for the season.

I hate it when my 60-year old sparring partner is faster than me.

My boot camp class instructor didn’t show up.


Why won't my 18 year old son get a job?

Why won't he do his homework?

My mother has never listened to me, but now she's hard of hearing, too!

My nephews think fantasy is more important than life.

My mother-in-law, competent enough to live alone, imcompetent enough to make a huge mess!

Any whiny Boulder teenager complaining about their lot in life (especially my own!)

My kid loves my laptop better than me.

My kids eat any food I bring home in a doggie bag.

The kids don't call often enough.

The kids call too often.

Mean wicked stepmothers.


Feminists spread lies and vicious rumors; they just really need to get a man.

Women STILL are paid less than their male counterparts.

Motherhood has a murky status in 21st C American culture -- "Stay-at-home-Moms are suspect! -- Working-Moms take time from their kids"


My friend talks incessantly about boring banalities.

Whenever I go out with my friends, I never get to go where I want to go.

literal- minded friends who interrupt a train of high-minded but abstract thought in order to correct an incorrect but trivial fact.

I feel isolated personally.

Nobody understands me.

I hate people.

Friends that always bail

Grammar and punctuation

People who don't know (or don't care) that "it apostrophe s" means "it is"!

People who say "irregardless"

People who write "a lot" as "alot"

People who say "anyways"

Ending a sentence with "with"

Subject-verb disagreement.

the use of utilize to say "use"

It's "I'm doing well", not "I'm doing good"

Correct use of the English language is a lost art form: people don't capitalize, use apostrophes properly, or know the difference between "their" and "there". Take "Twenty Ninth Street", for instance...

Why do people use the word impacted when they mean affected (effected?)

People who say preventative instead of preventive.

How did it become okay for people to say "Him and me went"?

College kids who can't write.

I hate song lyrics that say “lay down beside me.” It's “lie down”, people!

I hate when people use the word "literally" incorrectly. I want to punch them. Literally.

Poetry in The New Yorker that nobody can understand


I hate insurance companies!

Life is too short! And also too long....

It really bothers me that people continue thoughtlessly to have children.

Cold tools when getting a pap smear

Lack of health care.

They (pharmaceuticals) shouldn’t use people as guinea pigs to test new drugs.

People shouldn’t have to look in the frig and decide whether to buy food or their prescription drugs.

Everyone is so stressed out all the time these days, we don't know how to enjoy the moment anymore. Why does everyone thrive on napalm in the morning?

Why does my face always break out before an important event?

People who refuse to admit they need hearing aids. "Whaaat?"

I hate that there is no cure for cancer.

Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?

I'm sick more than well and exhausted by it.

My husband is dying far too young and there's nothing we can do but watch MS take him little by little.

Catching a cold

My hands are chapped all winter long.

Gallstones – not as much fun as it sounds

I can't sleep.

I am pissed off about health insurance! Flipping congress and criminal presidents have f-ing Blue Cross/Blue Shield for LIFE and I can't take my kid to the dentist!!!

Me too.

I think men invented mammograms.

A runny nose and no tissue - argh!

I can't smoke when I'm on oxygen


Why must I awake to this stranger's ghastly countenance?


My grandchildren have too many scheduled activities.

All my kids want to eat is sugar.

Kids on the mall that use 4 letter words every other word out of their mouth.

My 48 year old son still uses too many 4 letter words.

Parents who won’t say no to their children

People keep having children and then they are upset that they don't have enough money to buy them Christmas presents.

Kids today are horribly rude, to each other and to adults

From a highschooler: I don't have enough time to eat my lunch at school.

From a street 20s something kid: Rude, spiteful police who descriminate (he said: s----) against street kids.

Getting tickets for riding a bike or a board on Pearl Street.

Descrimination and harrassment for kids without money while adults how misbehave are tolerated.

Oh yes, Thanksgiving. It's a lot of work.

How about 3 kids in a family and nobody helps with the caretaking of my elderly father or his rapidly deteriorating house.

CARPOOLING - I went to an Ivy League college for this?!!

Sleep deprivation


Cheap socks

There is always money for science and math, but not for art and music.

Parents who let their children run around in restaurants


I want to complain about people that don't bother to RSVP when they're invited somewhere. My friend thinks that she doesn't have to RSVP if she's not planning on coming. Hello...?!

People have no manners these days: speak with their mouths full and chew with their mouths open, leaning over their food as if protecting it and shoveling it in, gesturing with their silverware.

Some people talk way too loudly, way too long and all about stuff that is only interesting to themselves...monopolizing conversation...and nobody stops them!

"Me, me, me" stories

Why has our culture become so mean and crass and crude?

People who don't thank you for the lunch/dinner they enjoyed at your house.

I wish people would shut their mouths and listen more.

Why do people sing along at concerts?

People who are loud talkers and don't know it (I really don't want to hear about your colonoscopy while eating my nice dinner in a restaurant)

Why don't men open the door for women any more?

Miscellaneous complaints

Men who are married to the same woman for years who continue to call her "My bride."

Way too many "like and you knows" in conversation.

Don't even do it if the best you can manage is an A-frame hug, or a limp handshake.

Yuck, see through toilet paper.

People in waiting rooms who try to talk to me while I am reading.

Assumption of heterosexuality

Parents who let kids run wild in public places.

I always think of what I should have said 5 minutes too late!

Profit-grabbing oil and other corporations who gouge the public while reporting record profits for shareholders, and paying their execs way too much.

People who attend the gathering of a group for the first time and express their opinions on topics under discussion. This strikes me as totally inappropriate behavior for newcomers and annoys the heck out of me!

I find people who lie to be hard to handle.

see-through toilet paper

it's a right-handed world!

Why can't I get a plain old cup of decaf? No frills!

Why isn't there a "small" size of over-the-counter drinks any longer?

People who walk through the door of a store/mall, etc, then just stop there so no one can get by. Grrr

Never enough hours in the day.

The Head-On commercial

Black ice.

Big driveways full of snow.

Huge servings in restaurants

Those who always bad-mouth those who serve on small town hospital, town, school boards.

Why does it always snow on Thursdays?(practice day for Resonance.

Everyone always complains.

I hate bigots.

You can't trust anyone.

worst offenders: Businesses who claim to be accessible who don't even come close

Hate hard as rock raisins.

I hate unedited and un-proofed books, many from major publishers.

I'm suspicious of doctors who don't listen, asking repeatedly the same question in the 15 minutes alloted.

Icy roads

"No problem" as reply to my thank you.

Not happy when ordered merchandise includes a copy of the same catalog used for the order.

Thank you notes from fund solicitors who include another plea for donations.

ime flies faster every year.

Packaging that takes a stick of dynamite to open.

Mice in the garden.

Sports replays that take up most of the newscast

I'm too short and squat.

My refrain..What a rotten deal,

           You don't know how we feel.
           You better sound retreat,
           We're marching in the street.

Tall chairs where my feet dangle.

I hate that bread, when you drop it, always lands butter side down!

The unwelcome physical changes that come with aging

Inability to develop enough wisdom to anticipate/solve recurring everyday problems

too little time/too little money

People who clap in between movements at classical music concerts

The expression “Don’t go there.” Go where????

Here's another one, but I don't know how to phrase it succinctly:

Why can't men ever buy a simple useful appliance, but always have to let themselves be tricked into buying something that costs ten times as much, weighs 30 times as much and has 2,000 attachments that turn it into a dozen other things that you'll never need, and you wind up not even using it all that much for the one feature you want because it's way too heavy and noisy?

Examples: Kitchen assistant instead of a plain mixer. Has a billion attachments that turn it into a blender, food processor and even an effing meat grinder! Who the hell wants a meat grinder? But the mixer function is crap because it only has one beater, so it just turns the dough around and around instead of mixing it. And it's gigantic and clumsy and very loud. Then there's the Kirby cleaning machine, aka vacuum, which weighs about 50 pounds and sounds like freaking Armageddon. But it's so PRACTICAL! You can also use it as a wetvac or a carpet cleaner. I think there was even some kind of circular saw function or something. But I never drag the damn thing out to vacuum, which is 99% of what it will ever be used for! Stupid men. You know the damn Kirby costs 15,000 kronor? Holy shit! For a freaking vacuum cleaner that's louder than a lawnmower. And he didn't even have any wall-to-wall carpeting in his house, just wooden floors and a throw rug. Idiot. Blinded by "practicality". Apparently a feature of the Y chromosome.

Why is there no IKEA in Denver!?!

I can't find any candles that don't drip.


What's up with all the coffee drinks these days? Latte Mocha Froo-froo double Espresso with a shot of what? What's wrong with plain coffee?

Most of the new clothing styles are unattractive to the extreme.

Modern life is all about commerce.

My hair stylist is always late.

I’m sick of the generation gap, and my teacher telling me we won’t make it in the film industry because we’re just crazy kids.

My pants are too tight.

My shoes are too tight.

It's those blasted mexican sandburs, also known as goatheads, also known as punture vine. Why do they even exist? To get stuck in your finger when you are pulling them out of your shoe sole so that you dont have to step on them in your carpet while walking bare footed?

Trying to open neatly, boxes that are marked with perforations, saying 'open here', and ending up having to get a knife to 'saw' the opening open.

Where are the stairs, and why do I have to take the elevator for only one floor?

After all the money I give to my bank, why don’t they give me free parking?

Why is the plastic wrapping on CD’s so impossible to remove using only your own body parts (hands or teeth).

What has happened to all the good hometown parades? What is up with the Boulder High School marching band going out of formation and out of uniform?

I hate it when my tea bag breaks.

I would like to complain about the various studies that are being conducted and that we end up seeing on the news. How many thousands of dollars in grants are being spent on these “studies”? Most of the studies are so ridiculous or so obvious that I can’t believe someone has wasted their time researching it!!!

transforming EVERYTHING into a marketing opportunity -- including human skin (new trend toward commercial tattoos)

too-big fruit in grocery stores -- let's have the small, succulent, crisp stuff!

Long short cuts

They don't make enough clothes for short people.

Doors that don't open.

Filling out forms for everything, everywhere, with "mystery fields" that no one can interpret correctly--disaster for medical coverages, taxes, benefits, etc.

Too many return address labels-everyone who asks for money gives me return labels--enough for 3 lifetimes and I'm well along for the first.

Deadlines. I'm sick of deadlines. Will the world truly end if the budget isn't completed by Thursday?

There is never enough TIME!

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

No Starbucks at the airport.

Big Box Stores

Bush, I think he should be in every category, he came up so often

Why am I constantly called for jury duty, but never actually chosen for a jury?

I hate when credit card companies reject my pre-approved application.

I hate it when people tell me to smile, especially when I AM smiling.

The most delicious foods cause the worst breath.

I hate it when the expensive one is actually lots better.

I hate my guitar, it doesn't play the notes right.

Writing implements with annoying bells on them

Junk mail

I hate tissues in the wash.

Why do people complain to me all the time? Do they think I can do something about it?

Grouchy women playing power trips.

I hate that dandelions are not considered as flowers but intead are weeds.

Why do people water their lawns when it rains?

My complaint is how we find so many things to complain about forgetting to seek out the silly, wonderful, magical things that happen every day in our lives

I want to complain about always being in the longest row in the grocery stores.

The stickers on fruit

I went to COSTCO today and actually got out of there within an hour. I get in there and freeze up.

I hate complainers.

My mother's peanut butter stuffing

My coffee cup is too small for my caffeine needs.

There are never enough women's bathrooms.

I hate that gratitude stuff.

I hate getting mugged by those people with clipboards at the mall.


My fat neighbor cut down the oldest tree on the block.


The neighbor's dog barks all afternoon.

I can hear the sirens from Broadway.

Being awakened by our dog enthusiastically licking his private parts.

Chatty chatty, cha cha chatty. Shhh.

Planes flying over open space.

The Wind.

Cell phones.

TVs blaring in restaurants or even just the pictures are intrusive and presumptuous into one's space.

Loud helicopters flying over Pearl St. Mall

Only In America

Only in America people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

Only in America banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

Only in America we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

Only in America we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

Only in America they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering .

I think I'll complain that there are still some countries that we haven't invaded yet and still some companies that don't give much of their GNP to Halliburton.

One Word Says It All




Intelligent Design













People Who . . .

People who don’t take care of property and have stuff laying around forever with no consideration for neighbors.

People are selfish.

People who kill wasps and spiders and other insects because they haven't taken the time to learn about why they exist in the first place, which is not to annoy us!

People that won’t help others out.

Grumpy clerks in the stores (actually, grumpy people in general).

Mean people.

I have a problem with stupid people. I do not claim to be the most clever person in the world at all times, but we all know those people that think their way of doing things must be the right way--and they are complete morons!!!!

Selfish behavior in general

People who just look away and don’t say hi or smile when passing you on the street

People who are mean to service industry workers

Friends of neighbors who drive into the neighborhood very early in the morning and honk their horns instead of ringing the doorbell.

People are slobs!

My neighbor regularly gets up at 4 a.m.. I know, because he goes outside and starts shoveling snow while everyone else is trying to sleep.

People who let their dogs bark all the time.

Grouchy sticklers for HOA covenants.

People who aren’t kind to others. Meanies.

Close-minded people.

I hate when someone leaves one ice cube in the tray just so they don't have to refill it! This also applies to one swallow of juice, one square of toilet paper...

People who say the Holocaust didn't happen.

People who Sunday after Sunday come to church right before the service, leave right after and let the same handful of people do all the work to make it an enjoyable fellowship.

People who complain and don't do anything about it.

Clerks that don't listen.

KIds on the mall who don't do anything and smoke all day.

Inconsiderate people who wear too much perfume and pollute an entire space, sometimes even the outside.

I really hate critical people.

I hate complainers.

How about people who use the "Don't call list" as a phone book, call me during dinner and pretend to be taking a survey?

Who hasn't experienced the pleasure of standing behind somebody in the checkout line at the grocery store who starts looking for their check book after the grocery bags are full?

Mean people suck and as a group we're getting meaner.

People who are chronically late for everything.

People who are always early...

People who talk at the movies.

People who complain about every little thing, like writing to the newpaper about traffic circles and speed bumps when there'a war in IRAQ, for God's sake!

Mechanics who patronize women

The fact that they don't fill your coffee cup close to the top, it's usually 2/3s full

Pertaining to travel

Bicyclists at night using no light and wearing only dark clothing.

People who drive under the speed limit.

Faded paint on the road making it impossible to distinguish traffic lanes at night.

people who don't dim car lights

Bicyclists who run stop signs and then gesture at YOU for having almost killed them!

Why do they purt a GIANT person in the airplane seat next to me?

Bus drivers who pull away even though they see you running up to the door.

Raw onion smell,from my fellow-bus passenger to Denver's sandwich, filling the air.

I hate going thru security at the airports, taking off shoes and coat, all the hype about liquids. It is all to scare you.

Pets and Pet Owners

I hate it when I cannot take my dog places.

Why do dog owners assume everybody loves their dog to be there? Can you imagine what it would be like at chorus if everyone brought their dogs?

Dog owners who don't clean up their dog's poo.

Dogs who roll in the dirt right after you bathe them.

My son’s cat does not like my kitten.

Dogs off leash.

When pet rats poo on you.

Unleashed, unsocialized large dogs who tackle little dogs as if they were toys.

Why is it ok that kids who misbehave are allowed everywhere yet little quiet doggies aren't?

Why do some pet owners think it's cute that their dogs are out of control? Why can't they train them to obey and be calm when they're with people?

Why do people think that rules apply to everyone but them? On the trails there are signs that say due to wildlife activity ALL dogs musts be on leash. People walk past with two dogs running all over the place!

My good dog will not listen when the deer poop is fresh!

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

Voice control to dog owners seems to mean maybe the dog is close enough to hear their voice?

My cat loves my laptop better than me.

Barking dogs at 2 AM.

I think it is rude that people bring their dogs everywhere. They think everyone loves them.


I hate people who build houses on the coast and then want the government to insure them.

The news is never news.

George Bush, our emperor, has no clothes, has never had any clothes and will never have any clothes. And my only complaint is that he is STILL in office.

Just because I have issues with the war in Iraq does not mean that I am unpatriotic. Get a clue!

Congress doesn’t get anything done.

The people of New Orleans were traumatized at the hands of their own government.

Bush is a weenie and Cheney has no soul, plus Cheney shoots his friends.

Bush is still in office.

Politicians (yes, just politicians ;-)

The current government?

Irrational hatred of Hilary Clinton

Why are the NeoCons and other right wing types allowed to lie like crazy and no one challenges them?

We are just like the frog in boiling water -- slowly but surely losing all our rights under this president

Bush and Bush again, I got a lot of this.

Corporate global take-over of the world.

Wars, especially Iraq.

Boulderites seem so focused on the environment that they sometimes forget the huge human causes that need action.

Could we complain about the MORONS in the Republican Party? Good lord, have you ever seen anything like it?

Tax money going to wrong places: WAR mainly

Wasted $ on wars

Killing Iraqi Children

Forgotten Constitution

And don't get me started on all the breathless talking heads on TV wringing their hands about some poor victim who mortgaged 103% of his house so he could take a luxury vacation and now finds out that he might be in over his head. You should have thought of that when you were playing russian roulette at the closing.

How about our dumb president??? I could go on and on but honestly, he is the biggest complain that I have tonight.!! I hate his smirk. I thought about it later and wondered if you wanted something along the line that my thighs are too big...but truthfully, I'll take my thighs if we can get rid of that sorry excuse for a human being....

My complaint is that we say we care about our children but require parents nothing b 4 having them. And the belief that mothers are the only true caretakers of children


The war in Iraq is ridiculous, yet people are dying every day

My complaint is that there is no news coverage on Burma any more

In a nutshell: GEORGE BUSH!!!!....Now let's crack this nut open. How is it possible that he's not been impeached? Better yet, how did he ever get elected??? The only reason he's president is because his daddy was. And that pretty much sums up his life: got into Yale because his daddy did, got into Harvard etc etc. Supported a war he made sure he couldn't fight in (Vietnam) because of who his daddy was. Started an oil business that went bankrkupt and got bailed out because of who his daddy was....However, after election, I don't think he can rely on who his daddy is or was. this mess is all his. he's lied to america about Iraq and knows how to do one thing: bomb. I ask again, why isn't this man and all his ilk impeached

(from Australia) I do not get why the Japanese want to kill those beautiful whales or why the Canadians want to kill the seals. What about the environment? How fucked up does it have to be before the world starts taking some action. The death penalty?. Kids starving when the world is so rich. I do not get why we value the lives of total numbrains like the Hiltons and their ilk over truly valuable human beings. It is amazing to me that the world still exists and that sometimes, like the elections here (In Australia) on the week end restore the balance of sanity It seems to take forever for congress to act and then the veto kicks in.

(In the " war" category): How many billions have they spent?

Several along this line.

We (Americans) are still engaged in war with Iraq.

We (Americans)allowed the wholesale pilfering of Iraqi museums at the beginning of the invasion,,, such a cultural & historical loss to humanity!


Why aren’t there more gluten-free restaurants?

Why the fake smile and the fake "Hi-I'm-Tyler-I'll-be-serving-you-this-evening-can-I-start-you-off-with-some-drinks" patter? I know you want the tip but I'd like you more if you could just be yourself, and STOP interrupting my dinner conversation to ask me if everything's okay! I'm eating, aren't I?

Why do restaurants use coffee cups that don't keep the coffee hot?

TVs in restaurants.

In restaurants-when they clean the tables and drop the crumbs on the floor.

Restaurant food that's way too salty.

My salad is swimming in dressing, and I'm afraid to go in after it.

High maintenance dietary needs are annoying.

Smiley waiters who introduce themselves as if you're going to be friends.


My lack of productivity.

Seems like all I ever do is complain.

Everyone thinks I am a complainer.

I’m too tired to complain.

NO enough money and no place to sleep.

I'm starting to think it's me.

I can't hold my liquor.

Bad hair days. Bad hair life, in fact.

A Brazilian? You've got to be kidding me. They're lucky I wax my mustache.

My keys are lost again. As soon as I find my glasses, I'm going to start looking for them.


My libido went on vacation and forgot to return home.

Matt Damon is not that sexy.

Ads for Viagra or Cialis give me the creeps. The guys all have big fake smiles,and I really don't want to think about why they're smiling.

You shouldn't have to beg your spouse for a little lovin' during the holiday.

Why doesn't my lover ever buy the lube?

Singing and Rehearsals

My throat just croaks like a frog when I open my mouth to sing

The room is too small and hot!

The room is a petri dish.

The room is too cold!

Not being able to get to the complaint choir website OR HEAR THEM WHEN YOU GET THERE!

Parking and the crowded room seriously detract from our effort to create welcome.

Why didn't you pick me to compose this piece?

Why do so many people in chorus have to comment on everything that goes on. It wastes so much time!

Why aren't there any pencils by the complaints box?

"That took way too long. We're on a time budget." heard at recording session

Too crowded on the risers

Too hot on the stage

The person behind me is singing something weird

One of us is singing the wrong note - but who?

The chorus is flat again

The alto II's are talking again


My husband cheats on recycling when he thinks I’m not looking.

I hate that my husband and I have different standards of “clean” – and that that means I do most, if not all, of the household cleaning!

My husband never listens to me

Husbands who work too much

I just walked into our office and my husband has bought a new printer and there's the old printer, the new printer, the box and there's not a printer hooked up and I need a printer

That all the my photos from the past 7 years are on my husband's computer but he still hasn't printed any out like he promised


My DSL line breaks down so often.

My computer takes forever to come on because it's down-loading stuff I didn't ever ask for.

I hate when I call somewhere for service, and end up talking to someone from India who can't say my name.

CD players that don't read CDRS

Why do people have to talk on cell phones in public restrooms?

Telephone voice-recognition programs that don't understand what you say.

Unwrapping a CD

Too many initials: CD, DVD, DVR, MP3, HDTV, LED, CRT, LCD, DLP, IAX, FCAP

The telephone--Press 1, press 2, etc. "If you wish to talk to a customer representative" is always the last option. It should be the first!

"Best of" CDs never have ALL the best songs, so you still have to buy a bunch of them.

My husband spends too much time on the internet.

Your e-mail won't accept me, either home or work.

I really hate cleaning up all the stupid unsolicited junk email every time I open my mailbox.

Too many stupid jokes making the rounds on email over and over again.

I need so many passwords that I have to maintain a cheat sheet just to keep track of them...if only I could find it.

Ever try to get a real live person on the phone when you call AT&T/Quest/Cingular or whatever? On hold for hours and then, if they need to come to your house for an appointment, you have to wait for hours again...

automated voice-recognition "greeting" systems answering corporate phones

Why do they keep changing everything? Just when you find a lipstick or a food or anything you like, they discontinue it.

PCs are a pain in the ass.

I hate my computer job.

Ubiquitous nature of U-tube and Google

E-mail spam! What a shame that we let organized crime, aggressive promoters and selfish nebbishes wreck such a useful medium.

Being on hold, listening to lame messages--"We care about your call" (then who not answer it?)

I hate it when my laptop hard drive fails, and I accidentally drop my external backup drive, and now it has failed, and now everything is gone, forever.

Automated telephone menus

That my operating system (Microsoft) just ate all my files.

My laptop hates me.

Pop ups

Built-in obsolescence in technology products


I wish there was more time in the day.

I hate time zones.

I hate Mondays. Also Tuesdays. Wednesdays aren't that great either.

Why do I always wake up at 6 a.m. on the weekends?

It gets dark too early!

Hey, I'm willing to get out of bed, but every single day?


There’s no flying car yet.

The cross lights are too short for people to cross who are in a wheel chair.

People who push the cross light and then aren't there to cross when the light changes.

Jerky bus drivers.

I also hate that I can't lock my luggage anymore.

Tiny airplane seats.

Airlines that make it hard for you to use your free miles


I hate the way the network news ladies giggle, like tee-hee-hee-tee-hee.

How can anyone enjoy watching TV when the holder of the remote is, between naps, attempting to watch at least three different channels at once?

Hundreds of channels and nothing good on TV.

TV evangelists.

The lie of TV NEWS which hasn't been news for years and which forgets that anything happens outside the US.

Uniquely Boulder

Why did I move here? It’s too small and doesn’t have enough culture. I want more theatre and stuff.

I moved from New York to Boulder because I thought everything would be evolved here when it comes go greenness, but people aren’t really walking the talk any more than anywhere else. There’s not even enough recycling bins on the Pearl Street mall.

The stores on Pearl Street that complain about homeless people—they should mind their own business.

Drug addicts on the mall.

I can’t figure out how the new parking kiosks work.

The air is so dry here my lips are falling off my face and I use my elbows to scrub my pots and pans.

Why can't we recycle ALL plastics?

Bicyclists who don't tell you they're going to pass on the bike path.

Land grabbing and inappropriate use of power

Law enforcement is too heavy handed on Pearl Street with homeless and street kids.

Boulder can't laugh at itself enough.

All the self-righteous Boulderites.

Too much therapeutic outrage.

The influx of too much self-centered money.

It is illegal to sleep outside in Boulder.

That street kids get ticketed for the same thing done by yuppies who get away with it, like standing outside a store and having a conversation.

NO place for teens to hang out.

someone is reducing the number of places you can sit on the Pearl Street Mall.

Harrassing beggars on the mall.

Yuppies can smoke outside a store doorway, but street people cannot.

Homeless people with dogs or wheels (boards/bikes) are harassed while yuppies with same are not.

If I (a street kid) buy something in a store I am not allowed to stay at the place, whereas everyone else is.

Uber-healthy, happy, good looking people in Boulder shopping at Whole Foods

Uniquely Estes Park

I am upset when/with

People who stop in the middle of the traffic lane to photograph elk.

People who ask, "When do the deer turn into elk?" "Who mows the tundra?" "Who paints the tops of the mountains white?"

People who cross the main street in the middle of the block, dragging their children with them, when there is a traffic light, with a crosswalk, half a block away.

Visitors who come into my yard so that their child can be photographed next to an elk.

Christmas in Bugville, a large painted decorative sign board.

Amplified Christmas music blaring from speakers on Elkhorn Ave.

People who try to windowshop from their cars.


Freezing rain

I hate to mow in the summer, I hate to shovel in the winter.

I'm not sure which one bugs me more - hysterical TV weathermen who shout that my town is "under the gun" when a rain shower is headed our way, or the voice of doom that intones that this is the driest/wettest/coldest/ month in recorded history (records began in 1989).

My family room is too cold, and my bedroom is too hot.

(from Germany) I want to complain about the lack of snow in Northern Germany during the Christmas time.

Snow always falls inside on the seat when I open the car door.

What Things Cost

The opera costs too much.

The high price of gas.

An apple should not cost $2.00

Gas prices are too high.

Food and health care cost too much.

Coffee costs to much.

Bus passes cost too much.

Skiing is outrageously expensive.

The cost of health insurance

Outrageous online shipping and handling charges that you don't know about until you are checking out


Why does work have to start so early?

My low wages.

My boss doesn’t even know when he’s being inappropriate.

My boss is egocentric without being aware of this condition.

My co-workers always expect me to decide where to have lunch.

I hate my boss.

People who come into your office to blow time chatting without realizing they’re wasting yours.

Being stuck in a job that doesn't tap my creativity, but can't leave because I need the health insurance.

I hate coming to work

The copier jams whenever I'm in a hurry.

Why do I always have bosses who couldn't do my job?

Slackers who aren't held accountable at work.

We don't pay our children's teachers enough.


Why can’t there be peace and peace and peace in the world?

The Middle East hates us.


Global corporate take-over.

Injustice worldwide--the rich are just getting richer at the expense of the rest of us and the environment.

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