Making a Wiki

You may notice that a lot of wikis look and feel similar to the Wikipedia family of sites. That’s because a lot of them use Mediawiki software. (Not to be confused with Wikimedia the foundation!) I personally found Mediawiki to be too complex for me. So I used Wikia to build this sample site, in fact since I am such a novice I used Wikia's Scratchpad Wiki Labs.

You can also build a wiki at Wikispaces. They have options, so your wiki can be public (for free) or private (for a fee).

Remember if you get stuck with any of these, wikis are communities so there are lots of people to help you.

Wikis in the Classroom

A lot of educators are using wikis at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels. Here are some sites with ideas about how you can use Wiki in your classroom:
Education World
For Teachers New to Wikis
Using wiki in education
Wiki in a K-12 Classroom

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