The following resources can be used and traded by characters in Beyond the Veil;

Mortal Ties


  • Cash- Money makes the world go round, this is the most basic resource.
  • Strings- While Cash is the most basic resource, a favor has twice the effectiveness- especially when combined with solid currency.

Assets; Unlike most resources, assets are rarely traded. Most produce one point of a given resource each game. Some, referred to as Agents, are helpful in using Worldly Powers.

  • Investments- Produces Cash.
  • Influences- Produces Strings.
  • Cultist- (Agent)
  • Priest- (Agent) Produces Belief.
  • Warlock- (Agent) Produces Instinct.
  • Witch- (Agent) Produces Desire.
  • Sorcerer- (Agent) Produces Will.
  • Enchanter- (Agent) Produces Flesh.
  • Hirophant- (Agent) Produces Earth.
  • Wizard- (Agent) Produces Fire.
  • Mage- (Agent) Produces Air.
  • Thaumaturgist- (Agent) Produces Water.


In addition to forming the widest array of traded "goods" in the game, Substances relate to the Attunements a character gains as they Transubstantiate to higher Rank.

  • Dark substances: These Substances correspond with various sins and negative experiences.
    • Desire- Sorrow, Grief, Despair, Shame, Loss, Loneliness, Isolation, Solitude, and Captivity, and is associated with the Domain of Cups.
    • Instinct- Hate, Wrath, Rage, Anger, Fear, Terror, Horror, and Nightmares and is associated with the Domain of Wands.
    • Will- Pride, Arrogance, Conceit, Hubris, Egotism, Envy, Jealousy, Longing, Pain, Agony, and Suffering and is associated with the Domain of Swords.
    • Flesh- Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Corruption, and Decay and is associated with the Domain of Coins.
  • Material substances; These Substances correspond with the primal and Alchemical elements.
    • Earth- This element also covers Wood, Metal, Crypt, the Grave, and is associated with the Domain of Coins.
    • Fire- is associated with the Domain of Wands.
    • Air- This element also covers Shadow and Lightning and is associated with the Domain of Swords.
    • Water- This element also covers Poisons, Acid, Ice, Frost, and Snow, and is associated with the Domain of Cups.
  • Light substances; The inverse of the Dark substances, these reflect the virtues and various positive aspects of the world.
    • Faith also celebrates Love and Hope. This is held in the Domain of Cups.
    • Charity also celebrates all forms of Kindness. This is reflected in the Domain of Coins.
    • Joy encompasses Jubilation and Ecstasy. This shines in the Domain of Wands.
    • Justice reflects Temperance and Fairness in all forms. This rests with the Domain of Swords.

Raw Sprit

  • Psyche- In a realm where thought, spirit, and physics are one, this substance also passes as a combination of physical health, willpower, and psychic cohesion. Further, while Psyche can be manipulated just like any other Resource, it is the only resource which is entirely native to the spiritual realm. Unlike other Resources, however, the amount of Psyche a character can possess is limited, and a character’s Max Psyche is determined by adding the character’s Rank and Endurance plus one. A character with no remaining Psyche discorporates.
  • Belief- "As above, so below." The raw belief of mortals translates across the veil to the spiritual world as one of the most universal coins of the realm.
  • Souls- While various entities believe strongly in the rights of free will and the involibility of the immortal soul, it is undeniably a worthy resource and stained souls are traded by even the purest entities in their efforts to stymie those who seek to spread darkness.


Generally, time isn't traded, though it can be used and wasted. Whether the time is measured in conflict rounds or downtime, it is always worth keeping track of how your time is spent...

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