Resources for Water Advocacy, Education & Reconditioning

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  • Clean and affordable water is a human right (Public Citizen’s Water For All Campaign).
  • One in six people lack access to enough clean water to meet basic needs (Food & Water Watch).
  • Unsafe water and inadequate sanitation are the world’s biggest public health concerns, and yet the issue receives very little attention (water advocates).

HYMN TO WATER by Milton Horn (Sculptor):

“The creative force, emerging from amidst clouds, fire and mist, forms us with love and compassion out of the “Dust of the Ground”, covered with water. From amidst clouds, the sun and the moon exert their influence. The sun draws up the rising “column” of water that swarms with life traversed by water-laden clouds. Precipitation waters the symbolic tree, source for food, shelter, shade and other necessities of life…”

(As inscribed at Department of Water Management Water Treatment Plant, Chicago, IL).


1. : Why Water Matters to Everyone

    •	Improved Human Conditions
    •	Safety and Sanitation
    •	Cooperative Economics

2. : Nature V. Humans

3. : Congressional Findings: 21 Reasons to Act (Water for the Poor Act of 2005)

4. : How Can We Make A Difference (Advocacy, Education and Reconditioning)?

    •	Advocacy, Education and Reconditioning Resources
       a) World Health Organizations
       b) World Bank Group
       c) USAID Environment
       d) Food and Water Watch
       e) Water Advocates
       f) Ethos Water
       g) Catholic Relief Services
       h) More Water Resources

5. : Water Facts

6. : Recommended Online Water Resources

7. : Online References and External Links

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