Respect For Big Mac is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode "Respect For Gordon".


Big Mac likes to think of himself as one of the strongest, fastest, and cleanest tugs in Bigg City Port. But one thing that bothered him was that his boiler rattled as it cooled down, keeping the other tugs awake at night. One night, Ten Cents and Sunshine were awake and decided to tease Big Mac. Sunshine called Big Mac "Rattler Big Mac" and said he was keeping everyone awake, but Big Mac said that the only tugs keeping other tugs awake were little switchers with bad manners. But secretly, he was embarrassed.

The following morning, Sunshine called Big Mac "Rattlebox" and said he was awake at last. Big Mac ignored Sunshine and left. While he was out, he told him that he was the strongest and best and wished that the others would remember that. Later, he was called "Rattler Big Mac" again, this time by Lillie Lightship. Big Mac became very cross, especially because Zorran overheard. Zorran said that he hoped his rattle god better soon and puffed away. Big Mac was very cross, and he decided that it was time for him to teach the others to treat him properly.

Later, he pulled up ahead of Top Hat, surprising him. Later, Sunshine had brought Big Mac's barge to the main loading dock. Big Mac told Sunshine to leave because the main loading dock was his area, and that little switchers shouldn't be there. Sunshine called him bossy and left.

Later, Big Mac told the others to politely blow their whistles whenever they saw him. Ten Cents asked why and Big Mac said it was because he is the strongest and the best. Lillie said that the others could blow their whistles at him if they wanted, but she wouldn't.

Big Mac felt pleased with himself and felt like the others would forget about his rattle and treat him properly. He saw Lillie and waited for her to blow her foghorn, but she didn't. He became so cross that he didn't see the sign telling him to stop or the jelly barge ahead, until it was too late. Luckily nobody was hurt, but Big Mac was covered in gooey red jelly. While Big Mac was waiting for help, he was teased by Sunshine, Top Hat, and Ten Cents. Soon, Big Mac was being towed to Lucky's Yard by Hercules.

He had to stay there for a long time because it was hard to get the jelly out of his engine. Lillie and Warrior took turns doing Big Mac's jobs. Later one night, Warrior and Lillie said that all that work is heavy and that Big Mac must be very strong to do it on a regular basis. Sunshine said that hi missed Big Mac and his rattle to go to sleep by. Big Mac knew that Lillie and Warrior were doing his work for him and was sure they were doing a good job.

Soon, Big Mac was repaired, and even had the rattle in his boiler fixed. Later, Big Mac wanted to tell the others something. Top Hat teased him by asking of it was about being the fastest and the best, but Big Mac said that it wasn't about that and he apologized for his rattle keeping the others awake and that he was silly about everyone blowing their whistles at each other. He said that other boats do it because they deserve it, not because they ask for it. Ten Cents says that they do think he deserves it because he works hard.

From now on, they treat each other by blowing their whistles for all the hard work hey do.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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