Respect For Spencer is the seventh episode of the ninth season of Toby the Tram Engine and Friends.


  • Toby as Thomas
  • Hank as Henry
  • Spencer as Gordon
  • Diesel as James
  • Billy as Percy
  • Mavis as Emily
  • James as Diesel
  • Hiro as Edward (does not speak)
  • Mr. Percival as Sir Tophat Hatt (mentioned)


  • Billy: Rattle box is awake at last!
  • Mavis: Oh, look rattler Spencer's here! He's pulling the "click-clong express"!
  • James: I hope your "click clong" gets better. See you later, rattler. Ha ha ha ha!
  • Billy: You're a boastful, bossy, big, silver boiler!
  • Toby: Spencer's a mess, Spencer's a mess! He's the largest and jammiest!

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