Respect for 777 is the 3rd and final story of the 3rd episode of Season 10.


AWVR 777 has a rattle in his fuel tank and when CSX 8888, Thomas and Little Miss Naughty begin teasing him. 777 decides the diesels, steamies, Mr. Men, Little Misses, etc. don't respect him as much as he thinks they should, so he begins pushing to the front at the fueling pumps/drink stops/water tanks, claiming sole right to docking at platforms and insisting on being greeted with a blast of the horn/whistle. When Little Miss Busy-Body ignores his demands, 777 is furious and doesn't look where he's going, crashing into some jam tankers. 777 is sent to a locomotive re-builder in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and 8888 and Thomas take turns to pull local freights. The two locomotives realize pulling local freights is an important job, and so when 777 comes back everyone accepts his apology and starts a tradition of blasting the horn/whistle to each other as they pass.

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