The cars of the World Grand Prix are always busy. Lightning McQueen goes to the beaches with smiling children. And Nigel Gearsley took the express. Nigel thought he was the fastest, strongest, and cleanest car in the World Grand Prix. But one thing bothered him. His engine had a rattle when it turned off at night. Nigel knew that the rattle in his engine would keep the other cars awake. That night, Nigel's engine went, "clunkity-clink, clinkity-clunk." Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli started laughing.

Francesco: Mr. Rattler is keeping everyone awake!

Nigel: The only cars keeping other cars awake, are stupid cars with no respect at all!

But inside, Nigel felt a little embarrassed. The next morning, Francesco began to tease Nigel again.

Francesco: Mr. Rattler is finally awake!

Nigel ignored Francesco. He didn't like being insulted.

Nigel: I am the best there is! The best there is, the best there is! Fastest, cleanest, and very strong too!

He wanted everyone to remember that. Later, Nigel got to the station.

Carla Veloso: Oh, my! It's Mr. Rattler! He is taking the clunk-clink express.

This made Nigel angry. The worst part of it was Professor Zündapp overheard.

Zündapp: I hope that your rattle is soon gone. Goodbye, Mr. Rattler!

Nigel felt very, very, angry. He thought the other cars should give him some respect. So later, at the oil tank, he whooshed past Shu Todoroki. Shu was surprised. At the station, Francesco Bernoulli had brought Nigel's wagons into number 1 platform.

Nigel: Time to go, Francesco! This is my platform! You should not be here!

Francesco: You are a big, bossy, green, bastard!

Later at the station, Nigel told his friends to say hello to him, whenever they saw him coming.

McQueen: Why?

Nigel: Because, I am the best there is.

Carla: You can say hello to him, but I sure won't!

Nigel was having a wonderful time. He was very happy. He was sure now that the others would forget about his rattle, and respect him now. When he saw Carla Veloso, he listened for her hello. But Carla didn't say hello. Nigel was very angry. So angry, that he didn't see the red light telling him to stop. And he didn't see some jelly carts, until it was too late! Luckily, no one was hurt. But Nigel had had a terrible accident. He had come off the road, and was covered in purple jelly. As Nigel waited to be rescued, Francesco Bernoulli arrived.

Francesco: Hey, Nigel! I see you are no longer the cleanest car.

Then, Shu Todoroki arrived.

Shu: Wow, Nigel! You can't take the express now!

Finally, Lightning McQueen arrived.

McQueen: Nigel's a mess, Nigel's the mess! He is the biggest, and jolliest!

Soon, Nigel was lifted back onto the road. He felt very upset with himself. Lewis Hamilton took him to the repair yard. Nigel had to stay at the repair yard for 3 days. It was hard to get the jelly off his green paintwork. Carla Veloso and Miguel Camino had to take turns to take the express while Nigel was away.

Miguel: It is hard taking the express.

Carla: You can say that again. Nigel must have been so powerful to get the express going on time.

Francesco: I'm going to miss Nigel. I already miss hearing his loud rattle.

Nigel knew the other cars were taking the express.

Nigel: Hooray for Carla and Miguel. They must be working very hard.

Soon, Nigel was repaired. The workers had also managed to repair the rattle in his engine. That night, Nigel had an apology to make.

Shu: What's it about? Being the strongest and cleanest?

Nigel: No. I know that when my engine rattled, it kept you from sleeping, and I'm very sorry. I was also silly about the hellos. Now I know that cars say hello to other cars to greet each other. Not because they request it.

McQueen: But you should be greeted, Nigel. Because you're a hard worker, and very useful.

The other cars agreed. Now, everyone greets each other with a nice hello. For all the work they do in the World Grand Prix.

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