Respecto Montalban (l to r): Chad Carter, Danielle Schneider, Rob Riggle, Paul Scheer, Jackie Clarke, Rob Huebel, Owen Burke and Dannah Feinglass

Respecto Montalban was an improvisational comedy troupe associated with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City from c. 1998 until September 2005, when the group called it quits. [1]

The troupe won acclaim for improvised shows like Good vs. Elvis and When Amish Attack! They were cited in The Village Voice's Best of NYC issue for 2004.[2] Billed as "the Upright Citizens Brigade's official touring company," they appeared at such comedy gatherings as the Chicago Improv Festival and San Francisco's Sketchfest.

The team was adept at the long-form improvisation technique known as the Harold. Their Harolds were distinguished by opening with a tag-team free association, creating a run-on sentence that surreally set the scene for the action that followed.

Members of the group included Chad Carter, Danielle Schneider, Dannah Feinglass, Jackie Clarke, Owen Burke, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel and Rob Riggle. The group's popularity at the UCBT was a springboard to comedy careers for its members: Riggle, a Marine who served in both Kosovo and Afghanistan, has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live and a guest on the American version of The Office. Dannah Feinglass was on MADtv and had a popular celebrity interview show on TBS called Movie Junky, in which she frequently conducted interviews in costume. Rob Heubel has had guest spots on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development, and was a producer for Michael Moore's The Awful Truth, but is perhaps best known as the Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man from in-cinema advertising.[3] Several members of Respecto have been panelists on the VH1 show Best Week Ever.

The name of the group is an homage to the actor Ricardo Montalban.

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