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New query:
So--what's the word for next year? Does anyone know what schools will have openings in 08-09? Good luck to all for the new season....


Q: I see it on the J.I.L. It comes up if you do "British Literature" and "Search All Dates." It says the ad expires March 7. This is strange. Is there any point submitting a revised app for the position if one already applied in the fall (made it to w.s. stage before kindly rejection)? A: No to revised/resent apps (as per admin ass't).

Isn't it strange for them to put out an ad at this point--the time when 1-year hires are traditionally made? What kind of applicants would apply at this stage who weren't ready to go on the market last Fall? I'm just speculating that they probably won't get what they're looking for in this round either. A: Heck yes, I think it's weird. A: I suspect (but have no solid evidence) that this may be related to another insider (of sorts) situation. Can't say more, but have my suspicions. A: That's a really plausible sounding scenario.

Q: Does anyone know when this extended ad was posted? I searched under "posted after 25 Jan" and nothing came up.

Q: Were people officially rejected from the first round, after MLA? A: As I said above, do "Brit Lit" and "Search All Dates."

Q: Thanks. I am curious to know when the revision showed up. Jan 1st? This Friday? Knowing when they re-posted might help with the effort to figure out what they're doing or trying to do.... A: I saw it this Fri, which is when I posted this. I don't know when it was listed, but that is when I saw it.

Cornell VAP 18th/19th c

Anybody heard anything about this one? 5/5/08 Rejection by email 5/6/08.

Any other news about this one? (5/20/08)

Please list offers here (and also, if you like, under the school below). But it's easier to look here first rather than to skim through all of the other info. below. Thanks.


American U

  • Q: This info. that the offer from AU has been accepted contradicts information I have. What is the source of this claim?
  • A: rejection letter (via mail) from SCC indicating that the offer was extended and accepted.

A: I don't think this information is accurate based on my own knowledge of the hiring situation.
Q: So was the letter wrong? did they not end up hiring anyone? A: The letter at the time of its writing was wrong. Both the 1st and 2nd choice hires turned down the job. It was considered unlikely that the 3rd campus visit invitee would be made an offer.

U of Chicago (assistant-level position; more than one offer may have been made at this level, but at least one assistant position has been offered/accepted)


Florida International U

Q: did Fordham end up hiring anyone? i.e. is this info. correct? (5/2)
If it is correct, why would they advertise now for a postdoc position in 18th-c. lit?
Does the ad mean that the search failed?


Indiana U - Kokomo


  • Q: the email said that the "visiting" position in 18th-c. has been filled. So was this only a visiting position after all? or was it a TT position?)

A: tenure-track A: Yes, tenure-track, and they hired their inside candidate.

Stanford (19th-c. hire)



Texas Tech

University of Miami

University of Mississippi

U of Virginia (2 of 2)

  • Q: were there 2 offers in 18th-c.? or 2 offers total (i.e. 18th-c. and one other field?)
  • A: The accepted offers are in 1. 18th century and 2. early American
  • Q: Thanks for the info! Do you know at what level they ended up hiring in 18th-c?
  • A: The C18 person is currently an assistant professor elsewhere.

U of Washington

U of West Georgia

Vassar 2/28

Washington State


  • Is this info. about Wesleyan accurate?

A: Yes. I know the person who received and accepted the offer.



Cal Lutheran

Gettysburg College

George Mason

University of Chicago

Indiana University (Bloomington)

  • Bloomington made an offer that was not accepted. \

Texas Tech

U of Washington

Washington State

U of West Georgia


American (1/7)

Bard (1/8)

Berea College (01/05)

California SU-LA (12/30)


CUNY, Hunter (1/4, see Early Mod page - contacted for non-Shakespearean, Early modern position)

CUNY, Lehman (1/3)

DePaul (1/8)


Gettysburg (1/9)

Holy Cross (1/8)

Indiana (Bloomington) (1/3)

James Madison U (1/08)

SUNY Fredonia (1/17)

SUNY Geneseo (1/11)

Texas Tech (I heard that one of my colleagues has sched. a campus visit with them)

U of Alabama (History of the Novel) 1/10

U Miami (1/3)

U of Mississippi (1/3)

Univeristy of Virginia (first week Jan; sorry, not sure of dates)

University of Washington (1/07)

Vassar (1/1)

Washington State U (1/9)

Wayne State (circa 2/12)

Wesleyan (1/8)

Post MLA Jobs / VAP Positions

Saint Louis University: VAP 18th c. Brit Lit Deadline: 3/15 Position Description:

Has anyone heard anything about/from Saint Louis?

Phone interviews were conducted a few weeks ago--anyone heard anything since then? A: I got an email on Friday saying they had filled it (but would conduct TT search next year, "please apply").

U of Alabama (18th or 19th-c. novel)

Writing sample & doss request: 11/6 (2)

  • MLA Interview Request 12/3 (3)

American University (Washington, DC)

1/7 campus visit scheduled Deadline/review begins: Nov. 15th

  • MLA interview request by phone 12/11 x3

Offer made.

Q. When was this offer made? A: a few days ago (perhaps 1/29?) A: Thanks for the info!

Q: anyone know if they're still going to be making 2 offers (i.e. for 2 positions) in 18th-c?
A: Who said there were going to be 2 offers? There's nothing about that on this Wiki. Is this insider info?
A: They said it at MLA.
A: You mean during your MLA interview with them? I was interviewed by them at MLA, too, and no mention was made of that possibility or intention. Did they say if it was yet to be approved?
A: It was at the end of my interview. It sounded like both positions were already approved, though it's true, the ad did't say anything about two positions. I was surprised (and happy!) to hear it. But I don't know anything else... I was curious to see if anyone else did.

A: Are you sure that you're not mistaking this 2nd position for the creative writing search they were running at the same time?
A: It really did sound like they were talking about two 18th-c. positions. I didn't even know that they were running the creative writing search. But if they didn't mention it in your interview, I don't know...

A: Thanks for trying to clarify. Weird, isn't it?

A: Yes! I wonder if there will be a second position/offer after all.

Q: Anyone hear anything yet re: w.s.?
A: When I applied to American, not in this field, a few years back, they went straight for MLA interviews and asked for w.s. at interview.
Thanks very much for this information.
I interviewed with them a few years back and they did not ask for a writing sample before the interview. Instead, they chose to ask off-the-mark and uncharitable questions without having bothered to read anything first. If you get an interview with them, make sure you keep hold of the reins.
Q: did they ask for a w.s. after the interview?
A: I think they wanted it at the interview.

And yes, they asked candidate to bring writing sample to interview, which they said would be read AT MLA. Does this mean candidate has to make a copy for each member of the committee?
A: Just one copy.
Q: Does anyone know if American has contacted everyone they're going to?
A: My guess is yes, probably. There weren't that many interview slots left by the time the chair got to me. Also, he was obviously very efficient in making his calls. 12/12 12:46PM

I know I should have a thicker skin by now, but AU didn't acknowledge my app at any stage. How hard is that to do? The self-centeredness of this profession really galls me sometimes.

Question: Has anyone been rejected by American after an MLA interview? I'm trying to determine whether they sent out "no" emails to some people and are keeping a few of us "in reserve" or whether they will simply send out all of the rejections later on, at the same time. Thanks.

Bard College (17th/18th-c; exclusive of Romanticism)

Campus visit requested (1/8)

Deadline: November 15
MLA INTERVIEW SCHEDULED 12/19 Search for this position last year failed?
A: beware. candidate hired, but department decision was reversed by crazy president and candidate was unhired.
A: Last year, they were looking for someone who worked in 18th-c. and either the history of science or globalism.
The subspecialties were pretty narrow. Maybe they ended up offering the position to someone who didn't fit either of those subfields and the Pres. overturned for that reason? I don't know how closely hires have to match the ad.
A: Yes, such things can now go here: link
A: Rest of discussion has been moved to above wiki.
W.S. and doss request, 12/5 x4
Q: Anyone been asked for an interview?
A: I imagine it'll still be a little while yet since they only asked for samples and dossiers to be mailed a little over a week ago. Most of the materials probably only arrived at the end of last week at the earliest. Keep your cellphone turned on next week....
A: FWIW, I see that Bard's fall semester doesn't end until 12/21. That's yet another reason why interview requests may come late (assuming they haven't come already without any of us knowing it). A: Good point. It's a little vexing, though! A: Dear Bard, Please Call Me. Thanks. A: I'm just glad that I have other interviews. If I were waiting for this one to come through as my only interview I'd be pulling my hair out.

A: They finally got in touch. Yes, vexing, since by the time they got in touch I didn't have very much leeway in my schedule. Would it be too much to wish they could be understanding about the fact that might be the case if they wait so long to get in touch with candidates, and might they try to be flexible with their schedule in turn? Yes, I know it's too much to wish--no need for anyone to answer. 12/19

So, 12/19: Email notification for interview at MLA

A: I am sad that they didn't contact me. Can I blame it on Bard's allegedly erratic president? I think I will. A: You do that. I don't think it's right to be saddened by any of the rejections. It's a long and tough process of being "wanted" and "unwanted," with many opportunities to find out one is "unwanted."

A: No, no, don't be sad. Bard is a deeply problematic school, and yes, the president can (and might) insert himself in your tenure case and deny you tenure, even after you've published your book, etc. It happens at Bard, so don't be sad.

Berea College

11/2 statement requested via email
11/16- Last 2 weeks of November: phone interviews taking place.
Q: 12/10 Any one get a phone interview? I got a request for a statement but have not hear an anything since.
A: I had a telephone interview in late November. Haven't heard since.
12/18: MLA interview scheduled.
Campus Visit Requested: 01/05

Boston U (lit before 1700 or 1800; ability to teach classics in translation)

MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/14)

Dossier & writing sample requested by letter (rec'd 11/6).

Formal rejection by letter received 11/6, 11/26

Snail mail letter received 11/21, written 11/5, stating application was received and will be in touch again "as soon as [they] have completed [their] first stage of review." I assume this means I was put on some sort of reserve list if others have gotten requests for writing samples already, and others rejection letters.

A week later: snail mail letter received yesterday 11/27 stating the committee is no longer considering me. i.e., no longer on that "reserve" list.

Q: for the person with the interview, is 18c your primary field?
A. Yes

California Lutheran U

California SU, Los Angeles

Invited to campus (12/30)

12/11 phone call to schedule a conference call interview for THIS THURS/FRIDAY (3)

Q For those of you who got interviews: Are they scheduled for Eastern Standard Time? Realized in the wee hours that I was not sure. Clarification greatly appreciated!!!
A They scheduled mine for Pacific. Thanks so much for this--very kind of you to help me out. Hope yours went well!

University of Chicago (Assistant or Associate Prof.)

Deadline: November 1

E-mail acknowldgement of applic., 11/14

Q: I am not trying to start up a gossip mill, but has anyone else heard there is an inside candidate for this job?

A: What would an inside candidate be?

Chapter-length writing sample req. by e-mail 11/21 (x2).

Request for "substantial writing sample (35-50 pages)," 11/28

Request received yesterday 11/27 via email asking for a writing sample to be emailed to them. 11/28

BTW, 11/27 email request stated that interviews would be scheduled only right before MLA

Q: Does anyone know whether they interviewed candidates or made an offer for the British lit, 1750-1900 job last year?

A: 11/25 I applied last year and only got up to the WS stage. The rejection letter was sent a week before MLA. My hunch was that they didn't look at any 18th-century people because the appointment was based on whether or not their resident 18th-century person got approved for tenure (the answer is "yes," but that person has since left). Based on last year's Wiki, though, it looks like they did interview people working in the 19th century.

I don't know if they made an offer in that area, though. I hope this helps answers your question.

A: No offer was made in that search last year.

A: Thanks for the info.

A: I checked: requests for writing samples are still being made, and calls for interviews will be made on 12/11 at the earliest.

A: Thanks for the update; that is helpful to know. Scary about the continued w.s. requests, though; are they not liking the ones that they've already requested?

A: They're a very picky bunch at Chicago, so it's not surprising that they would have to see loads of writing samples before deciding whom to interview. And from what I know there isn't an inside candidate.

A: to above Q asking what an inside candidate would be, in this case I heard there is a preferred candidate, although I certainly hope that isn't the case!

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/11)x2

Q: are these interviews for the Assistant or for the Associate level? Thanks.

Q: I second the above question. Also, does anyone know if Chicago has contacted everyone they're going to?

  • Email rejection letter (kindly worded) received 12/12 x3

Snail-mail rejection letter (the nicest I've ever received) 12/14

Well, they've been sending rejection emails to people who got WS requests but not interviews, so you should know your fate by now.

A: At least one is for assistant.

Q: It would be interesting to know if anyone is being interviewed specifically for the Associate level position, or if any such distinctions are being made by the search committee at this stage.

A: I do know at least one candidate is being interviewed who is at the associate level already. A: 8 pre-associates; 4 associates are being interviewed. There may be two job to award.

A: That's very informative! How many/are any of the pre-associates ABD, or do all have PhD in hand? That would be great to know. Thanks!

Looks like there is an inside candidate after all.

That was my understanding, yes.

Q: Regarding the new remark about an inside candidate -- what makes you say that?

A: (I didn't make the remark about the inside candidate, but) It looks like they've scheduled two campus interviews; one of those is with a grad student from their department. (Both appear to be ABD.)

Wow. Wonder why they bothered interviewing associates when they were evidently skewing the search toward their own ABD student from the start? It makes sense, too, that they'd bring another ABD to campus rather than an assistant or associate so as not to raise any uncomfortable questions regarding their ultimate decision to hire their ABD over someone with a completed PhD. Isn't the job market fun?

I THINK they are asking an Associate, too, though, also an inside candidate of sorts. If so, that's pretty interesting to have not 1 favored candidate but 2! Perhaps they are considering making 2 hires, asst and asso, both of which had preferred candidates from the outset? I have heard this, although I don't know if it's true.

A: I have heard that they are authorized to make not just two, but THREE hires. Looking to bring prospective assistant hires to campus first. Source: someone who was interviewed by them in Chicago.

Q: Does anyone know whether Chicago has made their offers yet? Also, for those of you who had MLA interviews, have the rejections already come?

A: An offer has been made, to one of their own.

Q: By "one of their own," does this mean one of their ABDs, or a previous graduate of their program?

A: One of their ABDs.

A: As Gomer Pyle used to say: "Soo-prize, soo-prize!!!!!"

A: HaHaHa! No kidding.

CUNY, Hunter College (Renaissance/Early Modern: 1500-1800)

Has _anyone_ heard anything about this job since the acknowledgement letter first sent by the search committee chair? 12/13
A: not me 12/13
A: nor I 12/16.
A: ditto, also no listing on the early modern page, so who knows. . . 12/16.
A: it's listed as Hunter not CUNY on EM--no interviews listed yet there(12/17)
MLA Interview scheduled 12/17 (x2) Hunter on Early Mod page

A: I wonder if they'll interview any 18thC folks at all. Has anyone heard anything at all from them since MLA? Myself, I sent a thank you email with some promised documents, but no word back.

CUNY, John Jay (17th/18th-c.)

12/4 Dossier Request (me too, on 12/2)

  • MLA interview request by phone, 12/13

A: Post-MLA interview: rec'd message about file being kept active, circa 1/29.

CUNY, Lehman (Assistant or Assoc.)

Invitation to campus (1/3)

  • MLA Interview request by phone (12/6) x2

DePaul U

10/31 Dossier, transcripts, writing sample requested via email

11/1 Dossier, transcripts, writing sample requested

11/15 Dossier, transcript, writing sample requested (e-mail)

11/19 Request for doss, trans, w.s. (email)

11/28 Dossier, transcripts, writing sample requested via email

12/1 Formal rejection received via snail mail

Q: What's the word? Lots of requests and one rejection, but no interviews yet?

12/15 MLA Interview Scheduled by phone (x4)

Q: Does anyone know if they've made all their calls for interviews? A: When mine was scheduled the chair said that there were two or three time slots left in which I could set mine up, so I imagine that by today they've finished scheduling.

Email rejection sent 12/18

1/3: Does anyone remember what they said their timeline would be for making decisions regarding campus visits? I got the various committees' timelines all mixed up in my head. Thanks.

Florida International U

Specializing in the novel, 18th and early 19th c
Postmark: 11/15

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/17

Acknowledgement letter received 11/16; says interviewees will be contacted early Dec. Just received acknowledgment letter from them 12/7, dated 12/4, even tho' my application was sent in October; does this seem odd to anyone else?

Two years ago this place never even acknowledged my application even though they had two disparate fields listed, both of which I'd published in.

MLA Interview scheduled by phone 12/18

Q: Heard anything since MLA?

A: I had an email saying their process was going to be slow. Nothing since.

A: Snailmail rejection, rec'd 2/6 (dated 2/19).

Fordham U

Anyone hear anything from Fordham?

Dossier and writing sample requested 11/16 (by email) (2)

  • MLA interview request 12/13 (3)

Does anyone know when Fordham is going to be making their decisions about campus visits? Thanks.

A: I think they said second week of Jan., but so did a lot of people who seem to have scheduled in the first week instead!

A: I wonder if they've already called (other people).... 1/11/08

A: With three of us posting here (at least to say we had MLA interviews) odds seem against their having made calls... I'm still crossing my fingers.

A: Good. You've given me some hope!

A: Me, too. I'm frankly sick with waiting.

A: Glad we're all three still here to keep each other informed. Their classes begin on Monday, which goes along with a dim memory that they said "around the 15th" as opposed to "second week of Jan." I just checked and there's nothing relevant--or much at all--posted on the department's calendar. Do post if you hear anything; I'll do the same. 1/12/08

A: I feel the same way. I'm glad that you have a dim memory of them saying "around the 15th" because I forgot to ask about the timeline. I wonder why it would be taking so long, though. The Victorianist search at Fordham has scheduled interviews (i.e. see the Victorianist wiki), so it seems like the Dean is back or available to approve the candidates, etc. But let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Q: I wonder if they've made the calls by now. 1/15/08

A: I am a fourth person who interviewed at MLA and hasn't heard anything. Are there any more out there? It would help to know... 1/15/08

A: This is great to hear. But I'm beginning to think that they may have invited back only non-wikians! 1/16

A: Say it isn't so! I'm going wholly by what I see on the wiki in my assumption (and fervent hope) that none of the schools in the NYC radius have made calls for the 18th-century positions yet.

A: My "official" position (to myself) is that I'm giving up as of 5 pm EST today (Friday, 18th). Oh, if they end up calling I'll be thrilled. (And will post here, I promise.) But on the other hand I have classes to teach, a talk to give, a journal article to write... If the MLA interview w/ Fordham needs to go on the list of "things that didn't work out for me," I'd rather put it on that list and move on--stop the obsessive blog/phone/email checking and get to work on some things over which I actually have some control rather than letting what's overwhelmingly likely to be a rejection drag on in my mind for weeks and weeks. Thanks for letting me share....

A: Thank you. You're absolutely right. A very wise strategy and sane approach to this process!

A: I am wondering if there is anything for you to lose if you emailed the chair of the search committee and said something like, "I wanted to reiterate [if you've already sent a thank you note] how much I enjoyed meeting you and the search committee in Chicago. Since MLA, I have been invited for campus visits to other schools. While these are exciting prospects for me, I am still very much inter2ested in Fordham and wonder if you could let me know if I am still being considered for the job in 18th-century literature, etc.." From my perspective--I am only lurking, not an applicant--that seems assertive and perfectly reasonable. Surely it shouldn't be considered impolite or out of line to ask.

A: If you have scheduled a campus interview with someone else, it is never a bad idea to let other schools know that information. If you haven't, though, it wouldn't be good to lie. (But it seems like Fordham hasn't made calls yet, to anyone. The suspense!)

A: For some reason, I'm personally loathe to contact them (since it seems like they haven't called anyone yet, I guess), but if someone else feels differently and does contact them, it would be awesome to post any general info.

A: You are more optimistic than I am! I can't imagine that they haven't already made the calls.... (1/22)


A: Maybe they lost funding for the search after all?? It's the only other explanation I can think of. But if they've already invited back other people (which I can't see them not having done by now if the search is going forward), I don't know why they don't just send out a rejection message to us other folks. (Of course, other schools have done the same this year.) I guess everyone is going by the common presumption that silence equals no campus visit.

A: I really think someone should write or call. If anything the WIKI should be a tool to help reform the way "the job market" treat candidates. It 's entirely within one's right to ask, find out and to know.

A: Bit bullet; attempted to contact. Will report.

A: Good for you. Enough suffering from the suspense.

A: You are awesome! Have you heard back from them yet?

A: FWIW a friend of mine got a campus interview for this job and s/he was notified quite a while ago (early Jan).

A: Many thanks for the FWIW. As for me (contacter), I've not heard back, yet--that very fact suggests they are not ready to say yea or nay to those who have not already been asked.

Q: Kindly FWIW person: can you share if your pal is ABD or what? Thanks!

A: What squirrel-ly business this all is.

A: Interesting. Thanks both to FWIW person and the contactor for your updates. I read an interesting thread about this question on one of the Chronicle fora. Some people pointed out that some universities have rules prohibiting them from sending any rejection letters until the contract has been signed. Maybe that's the case with Fordham? Though I like your idea better (i.e. that they're not _ready_ to say "no" to us).

A: What did the person who contacted them find out? They could have at least responded to his/her message! This is depressingly too much like the demoralizing rites of dating.

A: I'm a second person who tried to contact them--for the usual etiquette reason that I have another offer. I haven't heard back either, but I only wrote a couple of days ago. I liked these people so much when I met them that it's hard (for me) to imagine that their silence is out of negligence or insensitivity. But in any case, I guess we should all bear in mind that Fordham is not really acting so differently from other schools. We just have more information about other searches thanks to the blog. It seems that the people whom Fordham liked best just aren't wikians--as someone already suggested in this thread....

A: You have another offer? Congratulations. Can you say where? Which places are done with their searches and have made their offers already?

A: Whatever. They could send a quick email saying SOMETHING.

A: I agree with you. I think that most search committees and departments are capable of seeming like charming and "great" people during show time--i.e., the interview--but the proof is in the actions. I don't think that this sort of behavior would be excusable in that many other situations or professions.

A: I would venture to guess that they are playing by the rules of not saying anything until a contract has been signed. My hunch is to let this one go. We will all find out soon enough.

A: From "the person who contacted them": the good news is, I rec'd generous, personalized email yesterday. The bad news is, their search is not utterly finalized yet, but ut is right on the threshhold. Cheers and best wishes to the 4 of us who obsessively wikied this job til the end.

A: thanks for the update. What a shame that the offer is almost finalized. But it's not suprising. I wonder if they'll email the rest of us soon, too. It still _would_ have been nice to have heard from them earlier. But I guess they were making sure that they wouldn't need to go down the list and/or their hands were tied by a university rule.

George Mason U

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/10

Q: Have they finished making their calls-anybody know?
Snail mail rejection letter received 12/17 (3)

Gettysburg College

  • MLA interview requested by phone (12/11) x4

Dossier and w.s. requested by email (11/28) (5)
Formal rejection received via snail mail (12/6) (2)

Offer made.

Q: Anyone know how many people they're interviewing?

Q. Does "offer made" mean job offer or interview offer? A. Job offer.

Holy Cross (preferred focus: drama or poetry)

Add'l materials requested via e-mail (11/8)

Add'l materials requested by email (11/18) (same 11/19 (2))

  • Scheduled MLA interview (12/11) by phone

Q: Has Holy Cross made all their calls already-anyone know?

I think they had because they were getting down to only a couple of choices for time slots when they called me.
I sympathize. Can't really believe how painful all this is.
To quote the eminently wise modernists: "Sigh."

Email rejection regarding on campus interviews. 1/8

Indiana U, Kokomo

According to the listing, one may only apply for this job if one has a PhD in hand at time of application.

  • MLA Interview requested by email on 12/12

Indiana University-Bloomington

Campus visit scheduled.

Writing sample and dossier requested via e-mail (November 8 or Nov 9)
sample and dossier requested (email) Nov 16 (x2)
Rejection letter in the mail 11/30 (x3 - mine said they would keep my app on file for the rest of the yr)
So did my letter. I'm assuming everyone's did.

  • MLA Interview scheduled (12/10)

Has anyone else heard anything from Indiana? Is there any reason to keep on hoping?

A. I have heard that they have finished making their calls. 12/12 11:48AM

Q: anyone know how many people are being interviewed for this position?
Q: Does anyone know whether the search criteria may have been narrowed as they were going through the applications?

Jacksonville SU

James Madison U

  • MLA interview requested (11/30)(3)

Q: Does anyone know if JMU is done making their calls?

A: It would be pretty unusual for any more interviews to be scheduled at this point. Unlike dossier/ws requests, which often happen whenever the committee reads your file and is interested, interviews are usually scheduled all at one time. I'm sure there are exceptions. But unless someone cancels on them, no one is still scheduling interviews 10 days after they start making calls.

A: In reply to the strongly worded answer above, one can only say 'Au contraire.' Some search comms will contact the consensus top picks quite early (say beginning of the month), but wait until the semester ends to to get together and decide who else to contact. I've no idea how JMU's particular search comm operates, though.

Long Island U (18th/19th-c. novel)

Writing sample and dossier requested 11/9, 11/14

  • MLA interview request 12/9

Loyola U, New Orleans

Q: Didn't they run this search last year, too?
Q: Anyone heard anything?
A: Look at the listing under Romantic/Victorian. I think that I remember seeing a few interviews listed there as having been scheduled.

Maryville College

Snail mail rejection letter received 2/12 (even though I had withdrawn from search). Letter says position is filled.

Oberlin College

deadline: 12/18
Q: why is the deadline so late? since they don't ask for a writing sample up-front, how can they possibly process everything in time for MLA interviews?

A: They must have just gotten approval to go ahead with the search. I guess they'll be reading very quickly!

A: Given their timeframe, I'd be rather surprised if they interview at MLA. Phone interviews (the norm in some disciplines) seem more likely. I doubt they'll look at writing samples before MLA in any case.

A: I would not be surprised if there were an insider hire for this job. Department was probably forced to put ad. in MLA list by administration to make the hire seem "fair" and "legit." Clearly coming up with an appropriate hire from outside within the time frame they've given themselves is compromised in this search.

A: They didn't do a search for the VAP last year after their 18th-Cist left, but just brought someone in. Whether or not that means they're committed to keeping this person I can't say. At any rate, unless you've got an Ivy or "elite" pedigree there's really no sense in applying, since they'll just chuck the applications from candidates without such pedigrees after perusing the tops of their cvs. That'll certainly help them cut down on the time it takes to vet applications, so this might be a legit search after all.

COMMENT: Please note that from 2000 to the present less than half of Oberlin's English hires have beem Ivy League, not that there's anything wrong with that.

A: clearly, inside hire...the Oberlin HR webpage lists this job as posted in early Nov.; internally that is...if this weren't a set-up, it wouldn't have taken them over a month to post the job nationally

A: They do have an inside candidate, but I think it's a mistake to make so many assumptions about a search. There are lots of reasons (including administrative error, departmental discussion about the content of the job ad, deadlines, etc.) that would delay the advertisement of a job. Having been an inside candidate at a SLAC, I can assure you that it is not an enviable position and most definitely does not mean you're getting the job.

Q: I assume they're not acknowledging receipt of applications because the deadline is so late and they don't have time?

COMMENT: They've been running this search, in one way or another, for five or so years.

MLA Interview Scheduled by phone (12/19)

U of Miami (transatlantic literary/cultural studies, 1600-1850)

*Campus visit scheduled: 1/3

  • MLA interview scheduled by e-mail 12/10 x2

Writing sample request via e-mail (11/9)
Rejection email rec'd 11/27 (4)
Dissertation requested via email 11/29
Q: was the diss request a follow-up to an earlier WS request?
A: yes, WS was requested in mid-November

Received rejection e-letter 12/10

Q: Are they only interviewing people whose diss./current research focuses on transatlantic questions? It sounded that way from the ad. (i.e. as opposed to people who work in this period who have transatlantic interests but whose current projects don't focus on transatlantic questions.) Thanks.

A: Yes. "Transatlantic" for this search was basically code for "Caribbean/Postcolonial."

U of Mississippi

Writing sample requested via e-mail (11/20)(11/27)

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/14) x2

Rec'd email mid-Jan saying they're bringing 2 to campus.

U of New England (pre 1800)

Q: Anyone heard anything?

Their semester doesn't end until 12/22, so perhaps they're planning to meet sometime this week or (late tho' it would be) end of this week to decide? The position announcement states that they'll contact candidates for dossiers, but I can't see how they'll have time to do so now--maybe requests for writing samples with the interviews?

A: 12/19 Rejection by email.(X 2)

A: Does anyone know anything about this search????????????????????

Stanford U (British lit, 1660-1914)

(I can't gauge the accuracy of this report, but I was told there is an inside candidate/spousal hire situation.)

I've heard that too, from a very reliable source.

Just remember that "power couples" often have offers from more than one institution. "Inside" candidates often end up going elsewhere even if they get the first offer.

A: And lord knows, more than one insider search has gotten derailed, once they start looking at all the other people that apply

Q: Anyone heard anything?

A: That an interview with a 19c person has been scheduled (reliable source); and that they are only looking at 19c people(rumor)

A: If the latter part is true, then how considerate of Stanford to post the job listing the way that they did.

A: interesting about the 19c interview list; the inside candidate does 19th too (wah-wah-wah)

Q: does anyone know how to create a link here to the Stanford listing under "General" and Victorian"?

Q: So, has Stanford scheduled all of its interviews? (12/19)

A: Who knows about anything with them and this search.

A: Email rejection, 12/20 x2

NB: reliable word is: there are actually two possible inside hires. Ouch!

A: It doesn't look like that's the case...

A: Stanford brought three ABD candidates for job talks (from Columbia, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins). This is from their website and from a friend who was one of the three. Not sure where all of this business about an inside hire came from.

A: It came from sources in the department at Stanford, with respect to a spousal situation. A search is a search, potential inside hire or not--of course there would be campus visits, regardless.

SUNY, Fredonia

11/7 letters, writing sample, teaching dossier requested
Formal rejection received by mail, 11/17 (2) MLA Interview Scheduled last week

SUNY Geneseo (TT 3/3)

Deadline: November 5 (online)
Dossier requested via email 11/8 (3), also 11/15

  • Scheduled MLA interview by phone 12/11

Offer made (sometime in the first full week of February)--Accepted in the second week of February

SUNY Oneonta

Q: Anyone heard anything?

Phone Interview scheduled for after the new year Fri 12/21.

SUNY Oswego (Early Mod excluding Shakespeare, 17th-c. or 18th-c.)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/1 (w/ request to email w.s. beforehand) (2)

Q: Those who received interview requests, what's your field/period?
A: long C18 is my main field
Q: Does anyone know how many people will be interviewed?

Offer made; rejection by email, February 20.


History of Novel in English
Postmark Deadline: Nov 1
On the Victorian page, several people said that they had received rejection letters in the mail on 12/12.
C18 candidate rejected by snail mail 12/13
Any word on this job? Has anyone received a call re: an interview? (12/14)
12/17 MLA interview scheduled by phone Q. What is your field?

12/17 rejection by e-mail at 4:48 PM

A: I know that my Victorianist pal got an interview with them.

Q: Is he/she ABD or a VAP or TT somewhere else? Just curious.

A: ABD / somewhere else.

Texas Tech U

Dossier requested via email 11/9
Doss requested via email 11/12

  • 12/8 MLA interview request (email)

The s.c. granted interviews to 8 candidates

Q: Anyone know what is happening with this search at this point? Thanks.

A: 3/1 email rejection from "human" resources.

U of Tulsa (1500-1800; history of the book or history of drama)

Add't materials requested via email 11/11

See also posting at Renaissance

Q: Anyone heard from these folks? A: Interview requested 12/4 (see also on the Renaissance page)

Vassar (focus: fiction)

  • invited for campus visit 1/1/08

MLA interview request via phone (12/4) (x4)

Q: Does anyone know if the s.c. has contacted everyone they're going to yet?

A. I would assume so. I was told they are interviewing 14 candidates at MLA. 12/12

Q: Do all of those who have interviews with Vassar have the Ph.D. in hand? and do some match the subfields that were stated in the ad? I'm curious to know to what extent the s.c.'s adhere to all the statements in the ads when they select people to interview. I wonder if they really did throw out every application if the person didn't actually have the Ph.D. in hand. Thanks.
A: I know a candidate interviewing with Vassar who does _not_ have the Ph.D. in hand. A: I have an interview, but I do not as yet hold my Ph.D. And though I can easily teach the eighteenth-century novel, I would not consider myself a novel specialist. Nor am I a specialist in either of the sub-fields: Queer and Environmental Studies. So my sense is that while they're keen on hiring in these fields, they're not confining themselves to them. A: Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated.

U of Virginia (Medieval or Renaiss. or 18th-c. or Early American)

  • MLA interview request by phone and email (12/6) x 2

Q: For those who got interviews, what is your field?
A: It looks like they decided to go with Medieval and 18thc since interviews have been listed as scheduled under these two fields. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones, so I don't know for sure.
A: interviews were requested in all the areas.
Q: Is UVA all done requesting interviews (12/10)?
Q: I want to know this too! 12/10 5:00PM EST
A: I'm pretty certain (95%) that all interviewees have been contacted.
A: I'm pretty certain there are 14 interviews for the 2 jobs (total), and that interviews were granted in all 4 areas. note: discussion truncated to foreground the pertinent information.
A: 17 candidates were interviewed.

A: 4 brought to campus (2 18th, 1 dual med/ren person, 1 early amer).

A: Thanks for providing this info! Do you happen to know if the 18th-c. folks were ABD or Ph.D. or Ph.D. with TT job (i.e. Advanced Assistants)?

A: 1 ABD, one PhD/TT.

Q: Really? I heard that everyone brought to campus was already a professor somewhere else (though I don't know if TT or VAP or what)?

A: No, one of them was definitely (and still is) ABD.

A: I heard that offers have been made. Can anyone confirm this?

A: Yes

U of Washington

Invited for campus visit (1/7)

Deadline: Nov 9
Writing sample requested on November 8 (via email).
Sample and doss requested on Novemeber 16 via email.
Sample and dossier requested November 28 via email.

  • MLA interview request via e-mail (12/5)x2

Q: Aargh-if there's some kind UW s.c. member lurking, could said member reveal if all MLA interviewees have already been contacted? (request from highly desirous, uncontacted jobseeker)
Ah, yes, I second that-for the other recently posted interview requests on this page as well!! In commiseration....
A: not on the SC, but the interview request email listed 11 slots, and they took a few days to get back to us, so it looks like they contacted everyone and filled all the slots at once
A: Just got email rejection from them. Extremely lame generic email (compared to, say, the gentle and considerate rejection emails Chicago sent).
A: The chair of the search committee couldn't even bother to write it himself. There was also a word missing in the 3 line letter from his assistant.
A: Oh come on! Who cares? You got rejected. I got rejected. That's all I need to know. Having the chair make nicey-nice isn't going to change that. On to our other interviews..... A: Oh come on! I care. You're a person who works with words, I'm a person who works with words; it makes a difference in how I view the place. A: They sent a graciously worded letter later on, so I withdraw my original complaint. A: Yeah, but wasn't your first thought when you got it was that he must have been reading the Wiki? A: I actually never received that letter! A: HAHAHA, yes, that was my first thought. A: I also received the rude email rejection. Apparently, those rejected weren't even worth having their names listed on the letter. Even if it was just a form letter, it takes two seconds to do the mail merge and print them out. If they are this rude to people there, I'm glad that I was rejected. I've had numerous grads from there tell me not to apply there because it's a dysfunctional and splintered department.

A: If this were a post-MLA interview rejection email, then yes, they really should've addressed it personally. In fact, it *is* the height of rudeness not to do that. But if you're talking about a rejection email at the application stage (meaning you didn't get an MLA interview), then I think you're being ridiculous (and this is coming from someone who's received dozens of application-level rejections, most of which were not personally addressed to me). A job like this one receives roughly 200 applications. The lack of personalized application rejections does not necessarily reflect rudeness. It more likely has to do with consideration for the already overworked administrative assistants who are responsible for getting those emails and letters out there. That said, I too have heard from several people that U of Washington's dept is a mess and a potentially terrible place to work. But I think it's overdoing it to see their style of email rejections as a clear reflection of that. You need thicker skin. A: As someone entering this conversation later, I certainly don't think it's "overdoing it" to read the style of email rejection as a reflection of a department's ethos and morale. Please, no piety on the Wiki, please. And you would need thicker skin too in order to not mind my saying that. A: Yes, wouldn't the state of being overworked in itself indicate what sort of state a department is in, and what sort of care they can afford to spend on polite and professional communication? To be slapdash and cursory is not very polite. I'd hate to be in a department where that sort of communication was standard. It means a lot of other standards are lowered and compromised.

A: Well, not necessarily. My institution manages to get out personalized letters to candidates but tends nonetheless to behave unprofessionally and irresponsibly. Read the tea leaves because you must, but remember that that's all they are: tea leaves.

Washington SU-Pullman

  • Invited for campus interview
  • MLA interview requested by phone and email (12/8) x 2

All MLA interviews have been scheduled (12/10)

Wayne State University

Very professional and cordial email rejection on 11/20

Q: Was this for the feminist/queer theory/sexuality studies position?

I got a rejection, too.

A: Yes, I think so. I saw two different job ads for what looked like the same job, one seemed to focus more on early modern cultural studies (defined broadly), and the other (if I'm remembering right) emphasized feminist studies/queery theory.

The rejection letter made me wonder if they'd had to cancel the search. Does anyone know?

Really? What gave you that impression? They're doing a few searches: one in early modern and then also one in feminist theory/sexuality. Did you think they were cancelling the latter?

I see that campus visits have been scheduled for the early modern position. Was there a separate 18th-C. position, or is the final WSU job the feminist theory/sexuality studies one (recorded on the Literary Theory page)?

Wesleyan U (focus: novel)

Campus visit requested by email (1/8)

  • MLA Interview requested via email 12/7, with request to see a great deal more of my writing beforehand. x2

Q: They had wanted to see entire manuscripts of books or dissertations before the MLA interview. What is the view on this practice?

A: it sounds like they were interviewing a number of assistant or advanced assistant professors, if they were requesting complete book manuscripts. Does anyone know the breakdown of the MLA interview pool? i.e. How many were ABD/Ph.D/Ph.D. in tenure track jobs?

Re: this practice. Cornell requested complete diss. this year (check out the Modernist page) and apparently they made an offer right after MLA based only on the conference interview (and the full diss.)

But what about the practice of asking a candidate to do this right before the MLA interview, and with campus interviews planned afterword, but not for everyone from the MLA list, of course? I know Harvard asks a select group to mail their full diss. manuscripts--they pay--then directly asks the short list from that group for a campus visit. We all know this is a "buyer's market," but I still feel that search committees should be discouraged from asking job candidates for so much--for so little as Wesleyan had done.

Q: Anyone have any idea how many interview slots there are at Wesleyan?

A: No, I don't. But maybe someone can call the secretary who arranged the interviews and ask?

A: Don't bother the secretary with that question; it puts her in a very awkward place

A: For some of my interviews, the s.c. chair has specifially mentioned how many people they're interviewing. It's usually not a secret. If anyone has the time and inclination to make the call, I don't think there's any need to worry about putting her in an awkward position.

A: Why don't you call, then? You clearly have the inclination.

A: Because I don't care.

A: What's up with this belligerent tone?

A: job market is bruising enough as it is. we could at least be kinder to each other on the wiki.

New question: am I the only one who has heard nothing from Wesleyan since sending my application? I never even got an acknowledgment letter or email. (I can't even be sure that they got my application.) Maybe they'll send out rejection letters at the end, after they've hired someone?

A: As with the Fordham situation, it seems reasonable to write and find out. Call the department to inquire.

A: Received fulsome message from search chair about not making it to the campus visit stage. As if I didn't know that already. 1/29, or thereabouts

A: ditto.

A: hmmm, haven't gotten that rejection yet (on the West Coast). Did the message come in the form of a letter (i.e. snailmail)?

A: Mine was email. If you didn't get one, maybe they're not sure they're done with you yet!

A: oh, I see above that this message was for those who had MLA interviews and who didn't make it to the campus visit stage. I guess they're not sending out letters to those of us who didn't make it to MLA.

A: Hey, I got a second rejection letter from the search chair. This is overkill. 2/29

U of West Georgia

  • A: MLA interview requested 11/27 (4)

Q: Dossier requested?

A: With my interview request, I was asked to send dossier and graduate transcripts.

Snail mail rejection received 12/17

E-mail rejection after MLA interview (1/10), so I'm assuming they've decided who'll they'll invite for campus visits (since I'm not fully in the know, I'm posting this here rather than up top).

Questions, Discussion, etc.

General question: Do search committees (typically, always, sometimes, never) make all calls for campus visits at one time? Thank you for any information anyone may have.

As a lurking professor who has served on many search committees (though none this year), let me say "almost always." Various contingencies can sometimes interrupt things, but candidates are almost always notified of campus visits with a few hours of each other. It would extremely rare for a day to pass between one and another person hearing of visits. Give yourself 24 hours and then consider yourself passed over.

Alternative answer: we always have a reserve list. We usually only bring 2 to campus initially. Sometimes neither works. Then we typically bring our top reserve candidates. Really, it's not over til it's over--unless you've actually been rejected and/or the offer has been made or accepted, not getting a callback right away doesn't always bode ill.

Q: Does anyone know if Harvard ended up hiring anyone for the 18th-c. job last year? The 06-07 wiki says that an offer was accepted but it doesn't look like they did hire anyone; it looks like they've recast the ad/position into an Early Modernist one this year.

Q: Does anyone know what happened last year with University of Colorado at Boulder's search for an associate in 18th century? A: they didn't make a hire and plan to run the search again in future. Not sure when/what level.

Q: Speaking of Colorado, does anyone know what happened with the Colorado College 18th-C/Romanticism search last year? It doesn't appear that they hired anyone, yet apparently they aren't running a new search this year. A: I heard they had campus visits but didn't make an offer - that the search failed. (And of course it would, since they didn't hire either of us!)

Note/ general query: the transition left this page a mess; I went through and bolded interview info when I could find it. Would others mind further clean-up? no deletions, but separation of hard info and discussion? Seems to have been done nicely on romantics page. If others are OK with this, I encourage a communal editing effort.

Thanks for cleaning up the page and putting each comment on a separate line. It is much easier to read now. 12/14

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