Retrogamer is a regular visitor to the HC, and doesn't really make any games except for one, named (Unnamed), perhaps a cope of the previously-named Untitled (Now renamed The Untitled Story).


The game is a top down shooter, using a control scheme relative to where the player is facing.


"The year is 3253. The entire world is now just scattered cities surrounded by radioactive wastelands. The seas are pools of acid that corrode even the toughest of metals. The last animals have died generations ago.

The city streets are filled with rival factions, making it hazardous to venture outside. Anyone who wanders far from the city will find themselves in endless ruins destroyed from centuries of war. Going farther, you will get radiation sickness if you are unprotected.

A robotic army has arisen, gathering strength in the desolate deserts all around the world. Their source of power unknown, there is no way to stop them. There seemed no hope for the future of humanity, no escape from our own actions. How can we defeat the invaders if we can't handle ourselves?"


Despite it being his first game, has recieved much applause. Many people (IE: 2 people from the HC, maybe more) want him to finish this game.


-Retrogamer misspelt 'Ammo' wrong in the game interface.

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