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Return To Gravity Falls Is A Compilation Album released on June 27 2014.


  1. Gravity Falls Theme (Dreamescaperers Version) (Brad Breeck)
  2. Always In My Head (Coldplay)
  3. Adore You (Miley Cyrus)
  4. Magic (Coldplay)
  5. Tennis Court (Lorde)
  6. Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys)
  7. Ink (Coldplay)
  8. Love Never Felt So Good (Michael Jackson And Justin Timberlake)
  9. True Love (Coldplay)
  10. Midnight (Coldplay)
  11. Sing (Ed Sheeran ft. Pharrell Williams)
  12. Interlude #1 (Brad Breeck)
  13. Another's Arms (Coldplay)
  14. Atlas (Coldplay)
  15. Addicted To You (Avicii)
  16. ARTPOP (Lady Gaga)
  17. Oceans (Coldplay)
  18. A Sky Full Of Stars (Coldplay)
  19. Interlude #2 (Brad Breeck)
  20. King And Lionheart (Of Monsters And Men)
  21. Fly On (Coldplay)
  22. If You Say So (Lea Michele)

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