is a special of 2-Parts of from episode cutscenes in Station Break-In and A Metarex Melee. is a part tv show in Codename Kids Next Door tries to returns at Villains and Monsters from Created by named...Dark Oak.


Numbuhs 1-5 to goes return at...The High Security Metarex Fortress to gets Coins and Plan! to Dark Oak wants to gets...Wedding Guest of Monsters with SPD Criminals to created by Dark Oak as Eye Guy Snizzard Dramole Grumble Bee Peckster Soccadillo Rhinoblaster Saliguana Robogoat and Invenusable Flytrap to destroy the Kids Next Door for Good to plan helped as Gramma Stuffum Common Cold Count Spankulot Stickybeard Knightbrace and Toiletnator to plan helped with Dark Oak to seen includes as Lucifer and Pom-Pom are there to plan as Clayton from Tarzan, to destroy each discover helped by Cosmo, to gets new commander Metarex as...Red Pine! to the End of Kids Next Door.

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