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We are going to strike from the dark, when our enemy isn't looking, and disappear as soon as he turns around. Our enemy will never know how we'll be attacking. He'll be looking to the sky, and we'll attack from the ground. He'll look to the ground, and we'll attack from the sky. Sometimes we'll do both at the same time. Our enemy is going to fear us every waking moment, and then we'll be in his nightmares every moment he's asleep. Are there any questions?
—Captain Aeric Tunon, Commanding Officer, Revenant Squadron

Revenant Squadron was a New Republic Defense Force unit, commissioned to act as both a starfighter squadron and a commando squad, in the spirit of Wraith Squadron.

Revenant Squadron
General information

Aeric Tunon

Historical information


Other information

New Republic Era


In the wake of the highly successful Wraith Squadron, several more similar squadrons were soon commissioned, and Revenant Squadron was one of them.

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