Revod is located in the region from which the Egathrakoi left in the 11th Century. It is now primarily occupied by an Ursidean populace. Although the areas was conquered by Ursidean forces during the original 11th Century Berserka, during the Jakistani occupation it was appended to Tresidia because of their common ethnolinguistic background. Because of its historical importance to the Egathrakoi as their place of origin, and to the Parsini Tresidians as the location where the Berserka advance was halted it is politically highly charged. The place where the Hero Lorad supposedly died after succesfully holding off the incoming Berzerka is commemorated by The Monument of Lorad. This monument is a focus of problems in the area.

Map of Revod Crisis Area

Map of Revod Crisis Area

Countries Interest

The region is important to all of the continent, because it is a major source of mineral wealth, and adjoins major food producing areas. Moreover, it is a source of water to Tresidia, and a potential source to Southern Orecal.


The government of Tresidia's official position is "Revod and the adjoining regions are an integral portion of the sovereign State of Tresidia. Any attempt at secession will be treated as treason any support of secession will be an act of war." Generally, traitors are executed summarily in Tresidia.

See also Tresidian order of battle in Revod


Generally, Teton is not interested gaining control of the Revod region. It is separated from them geographically by the Snow Range, and they speak a different language. However, there is strong affinity between religions, and more than small support at the local level for secession. This has been a major point of contention between Tresidia, and Teton. However, it has always stopped short of war.

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Orecal probably has the least vested interest in the area, as such, of any of the bordering states. However, it fears destabilization of the region will spread and threaten their food supply. Also Tresidian sponsored military organizations such as Jimjam use the region as a safe haven to carry out operations within Orecal. As the water supply tightens in Orecal, they also view Revod as a potential source for their important southern food producing region. While the government of Orecal would prefer to negotiate for that water, it is unlikely that any negotiation will bear fruit so long as it is an unstable region, and it is so important to Tresidia.

See also Orecal order of battle in Bordering Revod

Non-State Actors

There are three non-state actors that operate in the Revod region.


Main Article Jimjam

Jimjam is a state sponsored organization which bases out of the Revod region, and operates primarily within Orecal spreading militant Southern Parsini, with minor operations in Teton. It is listed as a Terrorist organization by both Orecal and Teton.

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Tresidia

Main Article Revolutionary Armed Forces of Tresidia

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Tresidia is a para-military organization that opposes the secession of Revod from Tresidia. It is not sponsored by the Tresidian Government, and it is listed as a Terrorist organization by Tresidia, Orecal, and Teton.

Defenders of Ursidae

Main Article Defenders of Ursidae

The Defenders of Ursidae is an Ursidean religious based terrorist organization, comprised primarily of ethnic Tresidians, who support secession of the Revod region. They are not state sponsored, but receive significant From Figtaw Bin Shatta's family in Orecal. They are listed as a terrorist organization only by Tresidia and Orecal.

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