Active: 1994 - Present Country of Operation: Tresidia Idelogy: Marxism-Leninism Garrison/HQ: Unknown, "Mountains of Tresidia" Equipment: Predominantly Russian weaponry, to include AK-47s, RPK-74s, RPGs, PKs, IEDs, and other unconventional homemade ordnance.


The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Tresidia–People's Army (in Tresidian “Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Tresidia–Ejército del Pueblo”), also known by the acronym of RAFT or RAFT-EP, is a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization operating in Tresidia. RAFT was established in 1994 as the military wing of the Tresidian Communist Party. It claims to represent the rural poor against Tresidia's wealthy classes, and opposes Jakistani influence in Tresidia (particularly Plan Tresidia), privatization of natural resources, and multinational corporations. The RAFT seeks to seize power in Tresidia through an armed conflict. The RAFT's early efforts were purely of a guerrilla nature. The organization became involved in the illicit drug business during the late 1990’s, causing an official separation from the Commmunist Party, and the creation of a political structure it calls the Clandestine Tresidian Communist Party. RAFT funds itself principally through extortion, kidnapping, and illegal drug trade.

Despite accusations of terrorism, RAFT members consider their organization a guerrilla movement. With an estimated 12,000-18,000 members, approximately 20% to 30% of which are recruits under 18 years of age, RAFT is represented in 35% - 40% of Tresidia's territory. RAFT has been designated by the Tresidian government and Jakistan, amongst others, as a terrorist organization for their actions directed against not only the Tresidian government, but also against its civilians and the country’s infrastructure

RAFT Structure

The RAFT is governed by a secretariat led by septuagenarian Manuel Marulanda Vélez, also known as "Tirofijo," and seven others, including senior military commander Jorge Briceño, also known as "Mono Jojoy." RAFT is organized along military lines, and includes several urban fronts.

Unit Structure

Squad: the basic unit consisting of 12 combatants. Guerilla: consists of two squads. Company (Compañía) : consists of two guerrillas (i.e. 48 men, therefore a lower level of command than a company in most armies). Column: consists of two or more companies. Front: consists of more than one column. Block of Fronts: consists of five or more fronts. There are seven such blocks. The Central High Command (Estado Mayor Central).

The RAFT-EP is organized into seven main operational regions and “block” is the name given to each RAFT military command inside one of the main operational regions. According to the RAFT's military operational strategies, which take into account factors such as the size of the area and its population, each block is composed of between 5 to 15 of fronts.

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