Rexarda is a nogan, a dying race. He is from the subterranean clan, the supposed last of that clan. Aeunder, his best friend, betrayed his clan, and let Goran in, who then destroyed the whole clan, excluding Rexarda and Aeunder. He then formed a group with more survivors, only to have all of them die. His uncle even went as far as to try to kill both Goran and Verkai, only to fail. Rexarda went from isle to isle, killing toa without regret, without pity, without fear of reprecussions. He merely killed, and killed, and killed. He found his way to Terros-Nui, finding Varya as well. Of all the Nogans Rexarda is the second most vengeful.


He befriended Varya shortly after arriving in Ga-Terros. After some, problems in Nuva Blackwave, Varya and Rex(As she calls him) ran off together to Nightmare Mirage. On the way, they were seperated, and Varya was attacked and mutated. Rexarda blames himself, but he likes the new Varya more. He believes he has to be stronger to compete with her. He has assumed the place of boyfriend, and will do anything to protect her, though he is starting to feel that she will be protecting him more. He feels he needs a transformation. Their relationship has escalated rapidly, and Rex has had many times he's wanted to kill someone just for touching her. Rexarda is a full black nogan.


Rexarda was attacked by his best friend, who he thought was dead, who blasted him with mutation eyebeams. Rexarda fought him off, but not before the damage was done. He now has six of the eight different breeds of Krana-Kal depicted on him. Giving him their powers. He can also roll into a ball, planting energy bombs as he goes. He is also now afflicted with the words of the swarm, and of the queens, poisoning his mind. As long as he's with Varya and she's not hurt he's fine. But when she's hurt, or he's alone...


Together, Rexarda and Varya destroyed the two Queens of te Swarm that were plaguing Rexarda. With them gone, the voice of the Swarm coalessed into one voice, that of a being Rexarda has dubbed Kal. After fighting with Kal multiple times, they were able to agree on one thing, their love for Varya. With that thought pushing Rexarda, he proposed to Varya, and she accepted.


A built in tailblade




  • Eyebeams
  • Spellbinder vision.
  • Za-Kal:

Can read minds and sense strong emotions in the area. Links all of Rex’s powers together.

  • Yo-Kal:

Sense weak points in the earth and grants ability to sense things underground.

  • Bo-Kal:

Ability to see in any darkness and to see through most substances.

  • Ja-Kal:

Grants radar ability to detect distant obstacles and increases all the senses, especially hearing and smell.

  • Su-Kal:

Grants tremendous strength and endurance, along with limited resistance to heat and cold.

  • Vu-Kal:

Grants great speed, whether in air or on land.

  • The ability to roll into a ball and plant bombs.
  • Plasma
  • Electricity
  • Vacuum
  • Magnetism
  • Gravity
  • Sonic

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