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Rheneas And Friends is a Brother Show of TTTE.


  1. Rheneas And Friends/Thomas
  2. Rheneas And Friends/TUGS
  3. Rheneas And Friends/The Simpsons
  4. Rheneas And Friends/Mr Men
  5. Rheneas And Friends/Salty's Lighthouse
  6. Rheneas And Friends/Superted
  7. Rheneas And Friends/COPS
  8. Rheneas And Friends/Sir Handel And Friends
  9. Rheneas And Friends/Neil Spacecop
  10. Rheneas And Friends/Mario
  11. Rheneas And Friends/The Mr. Men Show
  12. Rheneas And Friends/Sonic
  13. Rheneas And Friends/Toy Story
  14. Rheneas And Friends/Winnie The Pooh
  15. Rheneas And Friends/Shining Time Station
  16. Rheneas And Friends/Noddy's Toyland Adventures
  17. Rheneas And Friends/Duncan & Friends
  18. Rheneas And Friends/Postman Pat
  19. Rheneas And Friends/Rusty & Friends
  20. Rheneas And Friends/Fireman Sam
  21. Rheneas And Friends/Duke & Friends
  22. Rheneas And Friends/Humans of Sodor
  23. Rheneas And Friends/Skarloey
  24. Rheneas And Friends/The Little Engine That Could
  25. Rheneas And Friends/Pingu
  26. Rheneas And Friends/Oakie Doke
  27. Rheneas And Friends/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  28. Rheneas And Friends/Calling All Engines!
  29. Rheneas And Friends/The Great Discovery
  30. Rheneas And Friends/Hero of the Rails
  31. Rheneas And Friends/Misty Island Rescue
  32. Rheneas And Friends/Day of the Diesels
  33. Rheneas And Friends/Blue Mountain Mystery
  34. Rheneas And Friends/King of the Railway
  35. Rheneas And Friends/Diesels of Sodor
  36. Rheneas And Friends/Female Thomas Characters
  37. Rheneas And Friends/Female TUGS Characters
  38. Rheneas And Friends/Thomas Villains
  39. Rheneas And Friends/TUGS Villains
  40. Rheneas And Friends/Female Sonic Characters
  41. Rheneas And Friends/Disney Villains
  42. Rheneas And Friends/Garfield
  43. Rheneas And Friends/Stuart Little
  44. Rheneas And Friends/Muppets
  45. Rheneas And Friends/101 Dalmatians
  46. Rheneas And Friends/101 Dalmatians (1996)
  47. Rheneas And Friends/102 Dalmatians
  48. Rheneas And Friends/101 Dalmatians - The Animated Series
  49. Rheneas And Friends/The Santa Clause (1994)
  50. Rheneas And Friends/Homeward Bound
  51. Rheneas And Friends/Harry Potter
  52. Rheneas And Friends/Batman
  53. Rheneas And Friends/Scooby Doo 
  54. Rheneas And Friends/Looney Tunes
  55. Rheneas And Friends/James and the Giant Peach
  56. Rheneas And Friends/Theodore Tugboat
  57. Rheneas And Friends/Joshua Jones
  58. Rheneas And Friends/Charlie Chalk
  59. Rheneas And Friends/George of the Jungle
  60. Rheneas And Friends/Flubber
  61. Rheneas And Friends/The Animal Shelf
  62. Rheneas And Friends/The Aristocats
  63. Rheneas And Friends/Oliver & Company
  64. Rheneas And Friends/The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  65. Rheneas And Friends/The Fox and the Hound 
  66. Rheneas And Friends/Funnybones


Season 1

  • Rheneas Gets Tricked/Rheneas And Murdoch
  • James Helps Out/James And Murdoch
  • Come Out Flying Scotsman/The Sad Story Of Flying Scotsman
  • Flying Scotsman To The Rescue/James, Murdoch and Flying Scotsman
  • A Big Day For Rheneas/Rheneas' Train
  • Trouble For Rheneas/Rheneas And The Trucks
  • Rheneas Saves The Day [S1]/Rheneas And The Breakdown Train
  • Sixteen Learns A Lesson/Sixteen And The Coaches
  • Foolish Freight Cars/Troublesome Trucks
  • A Proud Day For Sixteen/Sixteen And The Express
  • Rheneas And The Conductor/Rheneas And The Guard
  • Rheneas Goes Fishing
  • Trevor The Traction Engine/Rheneas, Trevor And The Snow
  • Rheneas And Charlie's Great Race/Rheneas And Charlie
  • Tenders And Turntables
  • Trouble In The Shed
  • Edward Runs Away
  • Flying Scotsman's Special Coal/Coal
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Whistles And Sneezes
  • Freddie The Narrow Gauge Engine/Freddie And The Thin Gentleman
  • Rheneas Breaks The Rules/Rheneas In Trouble [S1]
  • Sixteen In A Mess/Dirty Objects
  • Murdoch Takes A Dip/Off The Rails
  • Down The Mine
  • Rheneas' Christmas Party

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