Meaning: Nose Crocodile
Creature type: Temnospondyl amphibian


Time Period: Permian
Locality: Africa
Family: Labyrinthodontidae
Related species: Koolasuchus

Rhinesuchus was an ancient amphibian in a dying world.

Rhinesuchus was a temnospondyl, which were some of the first amphibians to evolve (apart from the most primitive Tetrapods like Hynerpeton). The temnospondyls also became large, and evolved into more advanced amphibians like the reptiliomorphs (Seymouria).

Rhinesuchus, unfortunately, was not a reptiliomorph and needed to survive in water. It dwelled in the rivers of Permian Africa. The waters were murky, but the best around (only because there were virtually no rivers around).

Rhinesuchus would have acted like a crocodile, attacking anything that came to drink. It would even attack a large predator in desperation (Gorgonops).

In the very dry seasons, Rhinesuchus would have made a cocoon to hibernate in. It would have emerged out when the dry seasons were over. The cocoon would have been buried underground, but it still would have been vulnerable to attck.

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