In the history of the gods, Rhode Island is an independent haven that lives from the rest Western Civilization. In this haven, there are seven different pantheons, including Oberons Children.




The Beginning

The year is 1740, Roger Williams (a son of Zeus), was exiled by his father for harboring sons of the egyptian gods. "These colonies belong to the Greek Gods and only the greek gods," Zeus said at Roger Williamses trial. Roger Williams wandered for two years, but noone would accept his policies. In 1743, he found an area of land, he had an idea to create a new colony all his own, he called it Rhode Island. After creating it, he put a magical border around the colony to protect it from being seen by mortals. Then, he welcomed in the five different pantheons, these pantheons were Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Hindu and Mayan. Zeus was angry that his son had betrayed him, so he led many battles to take the state from 1745 to 1746, all were in vain. In 1747, Zeus helped Williams set up special high schools for half bloods and creatures to learn about their heritage and to control their abilities. In 1750, he released several titans from tartarus and brought them to Rhode Island along with several mortal pilgrims and Oberons Children.

The New Ones

In 1756, a group of half bloods who called themselves organization Kronos, went around the world trying to destroy the Gorgoyles and the Chameliel. Rhode Island managed to stop them and transfer the Gargoyle Clans and Chameliel to Rhode Island and all thirteen members of Organization Kronos were sentenced to exile. Twenty years later, Kronos tried to take Rhode Island by force and he failed. In 1904, a new pantheon came to Rhode Island, New Atlantean. It happened when several Rhode Island forces battled the Guardians, they others brought the gods Kama, Sama, Cosmo, Tane and what remains of Zanet. Then, all of the New Atlantis was destroyed, they managed to save around 6'000 of the first people and the Atlanteans.

The Four Nation Remnants

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