Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in the USA with a population of 2,048,319. In this stae there lived friends Wesley Crusher, Mordock, T'Shanik and Oliana Mirren, those 4 friends live in Kent County. 3 other friends Sam Lavelle, Sito Jaxa and Taurik live in Bristol County. Wesleys and his friends main hangouts are known as The Corner and Flo's Diner. Alyssa Ogawa and Ben live in Providence County. Varis Sul lives in Newport County with her friends Leanne and Riska. There is also the Washington County in which the population is mostly human and Bajoran. Block Island is the area in Rhode Island with the smallest population. Also Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA. Rhode Island is the main setting for Star Trek Refuge: Rhode Island.



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