Riccardo Bianchi
Marcel 5 TO 1x05
Biographical Information
Age 927
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Team Hero
Family Guglielmo Gemme
Giulia Ravetti ("Progeny")
You're wrong, it is love that impels us to fight, to fight for our lives and it is love that allows us to win, but you can never understand all this ... and I'm sorry for you.

Riccardo's last words.

Riccardo Bianchi is one of the protagonists from Nikipedia. Riccardo is one incarnation of the vampire known as Niki Cassulo and represents his good side.


For events occurring before the casting of the Lights and Dark Curse, see Niki Cassulo.

Early life

Final Battle with Alberto

Final Battle

The fighters are ready.

After seeing destroyal brought by werewolves Alberto , Riccardo decided it was time to end the threat of Alberto, ona times for all. Taking advantage of the hatred that Alberto evidence against him Riccardo leads Alberto in an isolated area and declares that only One of them can leave this place.

Initially Alberto laughed at the idea and Riccardo greeted amicably before trying to leave and discover that they were trapped by a powerful spell performed by the fairies . Angry, Alberto began to threaten and mock that Richard defended his actions as " in the name of peace and sanity ." After hearing these words Alberto took flight and the two vampires began their final battle .

Final Battle 1

Riccardo falls to his death.

During the fight the two vampires discusero of how their lives were heavily influenced each other and Alberto expressed his pleasure to finally be able to fight face to face with his enemy , while Riccardo try to convinciere Alberto that his actions make it dangerous and self-destructive .

Their struggle was long and exhausting as they both had a level of strength and fighting ability . Realizing that they can not beat Riccardo, Alberto took him with him and take him to a cliff where the sun was rising, as the last act Alberto broke his neck and spine Riccardo effectively immobilizing him a little before throwing it towards the sun ray and his death.


Powers and abilities

Riccardo possessed the common powers and weaknesses of a Vampire. Due to his advanced age, he is one of the most powerful vampires in the world. Simone Piccardo and Alberto M. Marchelli are the only vampires (that have physically appeared) that are older than Riccardo himself. He also needed very little blood to exist, but was very vulnerable to sunlight.

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