Rikiari are a race of intelligent, monkey-like primates who are native to a moon of a gas giant planet currently under the political rule of the Horsehead Empire, though the Rikiari homeworld has obviously been visited in the past by the Progenitors. Rikiari are nautrally curious beings, fascinated by A.I. robots and computers (especially the Golems), fairly open to conversion to the United God Movement or the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun, and willing to visit and even permanently settle in Golem space, the United Republic of Earth, various parts of the Horsehead Empire, under the rule of House Lionheart, or even under the rule of the Mantis Lords. Rikiari can be fast breeders, and as a result many planets can rapidly gain fairly large populations of the primates. In the United republic of Earth, Rikiari are targets of human-supremacist movements and so are active in the Council of Non-Human Sentients.

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