First, a few words from the original creator of the game:


Basically, anyone can use the material in Ring of Lust for their own games. For example, the creator does not mind if games like "Adventures of Garnet" use his sprites. So please stop posting in Hongfire about how he does mind. Spreading those rumors discourages him from releasing his games overseas.

Welome to the Ring of Lust miniwiki. This game chronicles the travels of Kyle, a mage, who becomes beholden to a magical ring which forces her to desire sex and attracts nearly everything to try to molest her. She sets out to acquire the reagents necessary to remove it.

This is an RPG Maker XP game, meaning you must have the RTP for XP installed. Much in the same vein as other miniwikis for independent ero projects, this one may not contain everything there is to know about its subject, but it attempts to do so. Contributions and edits are more than welcome.

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