Execution Ending

Req: Max her Arousal (100)

Summary: Kyle attacks a man and forces him to fuck her over and over again killing him. This continues until she is caught. She is then publicly beheaded after being proclaimed as a witch

Guard's Cum Dump Ending

Req: Max her Lewdness (500)

Summary: Kyle Strips and masturbated at the fountain area. Soon after the guards arrested her. Due to some complications the guards decided to use her for their benefit.

Married Ending

Req: Have sex with the landlord 10 times

Summary: The land lord proposes to Kyle after they have sex. Kyle explains that it was because of the ring but the land lord claimed to have his eye on her since she moved in. The land lord and Kyle gets married. At the Reception the Landlord invited only men and gave permission for them to pleasure Kyle. The reception turned into a gangbang. A short scene after shows Kyle and the landlord having sex at the front desk.

Teacher Ending

Req: Lewdness(200+), then have sex with the PE teacher 10 times by failing the teaching job(letting the kid grope you). After the 10th sex he will ask if Kyle want to be his sex slave. Say yes(bottom choice).

Summary: Kyle becomes a well respected full time teacher. She secretly trains the students, who she is suppose to be tutoring, to be the PE teacher's slave. A year after that they where found out and had to move to a different country.

Goblin Ending

Req: ??

Slave Ending

Req: Borrow money from the Mafia and wait ten days.

Summary: After 10 days, the mob boss will come pick Kyle up with his guards. He takes her to be trained as a slave and sold off to recoup his loses from her borrowing. She's chained up in a dungeon and given an aphrodisiac to break her down mentally by the trainer. After a night of torture, she begs for release and he gives her the antidote, which is his semen. Later, she is sold on the underground auction, where she begins masturbating due to the ring's influence.

Transformation Ending

Req: On the lolicon goblin ( the one in room six of the cave that has a gate door) you need to have 幼女化 that you obtain in laboratory talk to him he will then turn you into a loli and make sex with you, do that 10 times he will ask if you want to be with him answer yes.

Summary: Kyle spend all the days as a loli doing sex with the lolicon goblin. She is also dressed up with some little girl clothes.

Monster Seed Ending

Req: Go get pregnant 3 times in the Mage Guild. After the 3rd pregnancy you will be asked a question Agree(bottom choice) twice.

Summary: Kyle missed two weeks of rent and there are complines about her room. A guard and the landlord checked the room and found Kyle with a bunch of baby monsters. The landlord rush to get help. Kyle's stomach burst letting out more baby monsters

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