Map: The Map

There is a map. It's near the fountain.

Listed Map Here (I don't know why it won't let me upload it, but whatever.

1. Church

2. To the Castle

3. Central Festival Plaza (Meido mission destination)

4. Count's Residence

5. House with infertile people.

6. House with event relating to window.

7. School (Teacher mission destination)

8. Grandma's House

9. Adventurer's Boarding House

10. Adventurer's Guild

11. Item Shop (Consumables)

12. Item Shop (Weap/Armor)

13. To the Farm! (Farm mission destination)

14. To the Harbor! (Ship mission destination)

15. Guard Station/Jail

16. X-Ball quest house 1.

17. X-Ball quest house 2.

18. Spa (Spa Cleaning mission destination)

19. Hotel (Also contains Lounge/Massage Parlor) (Massage and Bunny Server mission destination)

20. Rich guy's clothing storage.

21. Arena Entrance!

22. Brothel (Important if you get kicked out)

23. Restaurant (Serving mission destination)

24. Wine Bar (Dancing mission destination)

25. Bathrooms!

26. Lending House/Black Market

27. Poor boy and dying sister.

28. Magician's Guild/Sex Powerup/Monster Breeding! (The trifecta!)

29. Overworld Maps (All missions are activated by going through the gate.)

30. Park (Clean-up Park mission destination)

That thing in the upper right is spoiler related, so yeah. You'll go there if you need to.

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