Getting kick out

Refuse to pay the owner and get kick out,than go to the slum and talk to the MaMa at the brothel for shelter.She will let you stay but u have attend to at least one customer before sleeping.You can cure your horniess everytime you have sex here,however your Excitement/Lust will not increase

WARNING you will never be able to return back to the hotel anymore.

Horny Owner

If you are broke or not you can have sex with the hotel owner instead of paying.However doing this 10 times will end the game.

Party members

You can have sex with your party members provided you have already unlock them through job mission.

Red and Blonde girl first time masturbation(sextoy)skill which is using dildo, second time unlock the masturbation(sextoyD) double dildo

Orange Warrior and Blue Hat Magician will ask you too test medicine, after a number of time the magician will invent the urinate potion, after you can buy some other potion from her at the guild.

There are 5 potions which she sell,yellow urinate potion increase excitement,pink aphrodisiacs , blue claim potion, the two 50k potion are demoness potion and goddess potion one can only be use when horny and one can only be use when normal.the demoness potion increase your excitement to 200 and let you learn the seduction skill.The goddess potion reduce your excitement and horniess to 0

Purple Hoody Man and Black Wizard have sex with his dog and have your SP absorb by tentacles

Purple Hair Women and Brown Hair Soldier SM play with them where you can choose to be S or M

Three Brothers They will Gangbang her

Old Knight He will give u an enma, and take you to walk around the town like dog and he will give u a enma device

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