Jobs Guide

Poster Jobs

These jobs are located at the wall of the guild(sparkling)

Located at the bottom walls are Gathering Jobs.

1. Collect 10 Slime sperms/eggs (difficulty 1)

Lose battle and have sex with the slimes

2. Collect 10 rainbow flowers(difficulty 2)


Top left wall

left poster

1.Kill 10 blue Slimes(difficulty 2)

2.Kill 10 red slimes(compelete previous quest 5 times)

3.Kill 10 yellow slimes(complete previous quest 5 times)

right poster

1.Kill 10 Bees(difficulty 2)

2.Kill 10 mushroom(complete previous quest 5 times) 3.Kill 10 red scorpion(complete previous quest 5 times)

Each encounter counted as one not the number of enemy in each encounter, you will be ask to return back to town once u kill sufficient enough

Top Right Wall

These jobs can only be done once and is on higher difficulty

1.Rescue Mission - Forest area (difficulty 3)

2.Rescue Mission - Swarm(difficulty 3)


Talk to the left guy on the counter to comfirm your job application, this is final chance you have to cancel the job.'

Before heading out(south of town) for your mission you can ask a group at the tables to join you.After you complete your mission talk to the same guy to earn you reward.If a group is with you,you will have to have sex with them as payment and you will be able to visit them at night when you feel horny provided you have unlock that group through the mission

Part Time Jobs

1. Clean the Park (it's actually the toilet. 200 Gold on success, 100 on failure)

2. Temporary Teacher (700 Gold on success, 350 on failure)

3. Restaurant Service (400 Gold on success, 200 on failure)

4. Dancer (500 Gold on success, 250 on failure)

5. High-class Maid (1000 Gold on success, 500 on failure)

6. Bargirl (600 Gold on success, 300 on failure)

7. Clean the public bath (300 Gold on success, 150 on failure)

8. Feeding the animals in the farm (400 Gold on success, 200 on failure)

9. Seafarer (800 Gold on success, 400 on failure)

10. Masseuse at the beauty palour (700 Gold on success, 350 on failure)

A different H-scene for failing different part time jobs.

Inner Part Time Jobs (requires at least 200 lust to enter, just enjoy the scene, you don't have to do anything *EXCEPT No. 6*)

1. "Commemoration" of the Adventurers (20 on all job ratings, completed all inner part time jobs)

2. "Sexual" Education at the School (20 ratings for Temporary Teacher)

3. Semen "Bucket" Service (20 ratings for Clean the Park)

4. "Restaurant Menu" Service (20 ratings for Restaurant Service)

5. Sex Show(20 ratings for Dancer)

6. Club Cosplay "H" (20 ratings for Bargirl, you need to change into the clothes the customers requested)

7. Playful Maid (20 ratings for High-class Maid)

8. Bath of Lust (20 ratings for Clean the public bath)

9. The "Evaluation" of Beasts (20 ratings for Feeding the animals in the farm)

10. Demonstration of sexual acts for the nobilities (20 ratings for Masseuse at the beauty palour, futa required *need check*)

11. Activities to encourage the sailors (20 ratings for Seafarer)


After sometime(About 5 quests(Jobs in the city doesn't count, only poster jobs)the Priest/Father will send a letter to you saying the first step of removing the ring of lust has been discovered and asks you to visit him.

You will be asked to take on a quest to kill the 3 Lamia sister(Boss)

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