===Chinese RPG Maker XP: Download===

===Version of Game as of 12/09/12: Download===

Click on the 下载 white button, and the download will begin.

Password is chosenofbear.

The gist of installing the game boils down to changing your Unicode setting to Chinese (Simplified) or using applocale appropriately, installing a Chinese version of RPG Maker XP, and then unpacking the Ring of Lust rar into the directory of your choosing. Note that if you don't have your unicode to Chinese (Simplified), the rar will fail to unpack correctly in most cases.

Note, if you run this with AGTH after installing, you can switch from Chinese Unicode and the game will work perfectly.

AGTH codes are /C /x /KF /L0804 /w10016EEB

Make sure you have this dll in your game folder(should already be within the game folder) if you switch out of Chinese Unicode, should you uninstall the Chinese RPG Maker XP, otherwise it will crash in the game (Thanks go to minibak2 at hongfire for pointing this out): Download

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