The X-Balls are basically the dev mode of RoL. They enable you to max your level, take off lust status, revert your purity meter, give you all titles/jobs, and 100000 gold. You can use the X-Balls more than once. In fact, you can use them as many times as you want and practically anywhere you can access the basic menu.

Menu is:

1. Change Kyle's Level (and any party members if there is any)

2. Recovers all HP/SP and cures Lust Status

3. Get gold!

4. Next Page

1. Get All Titles

2. Get 20 Job Rating in EVERYTHING

3. Become less of a slut (200 purity rating)

They are obtained as follows:

1. 100,000 yuan for this one, bought from the guy in the basement of the lending house. To get a membership and get down there, borrow at least 20,000 (I think?) and then immediately pay it back at double. God will give you an X-Ball for paying out the ass.

2. Go see the doctor at the harbor and get him to "cure" your lust status. God will give you an X-Ball for being such a good sport and helping his "scientific study."

3. Go to the church. Hang a left and go in the first door on the right. If it doesn't register the scene, go in and back out until it does. The nun saying her "Hail Mary"'s will get flustered, and God will give you an X-Ball if you don't squeal on her.

4. The blacksmith at the farm (the room with the forge) wants to make a sword. He needs 5 slime and bee fluids each. Go get raped 5 times each, or acquire that raffle pouch from the blackmart and hope you get the 5 fluids from each monster win. After this, he will want you to urinate. Go work with the fighter and mage team until the mage perfects all of her drugs. She'll open a shop in the adventurer's guild during the day. Buy the urimetic potion (the one that makes you pee) and go to the smith. You'll pee. Then he wants breast milk. Acquire the "Lactation" body modification from the arena and you'll squeeze 'em when he asks you to. He offers to name the sword after you, but God smiles on you and gives you an X-Ball instead.

5. This is involved. Give a Full Tonic (Biggest healing potion) to the kid at the bottom right of the slums whose sister is lying down all the time. He'll give you something (I don't remember, since it's not important anyway). Go to the house beside the guard station/jail and talk to the guy inside. Go to the house just left of the central plaza (parade area) and next to the big flower bed. Talk to the woman inside that's cooking. Go to the wine shed at the farm and talk to the guy inside. Go to the house next to the school with the old woman inside. Go to the guard station and talk to the guard behind the counter on the right. As I don't read Chinese, just keep guessing until you get it right. Go downstairs and talk to the guard at the desk. Go inside and talk to the guy at the far left cell. Go back to the old grandma and talk to her again. Go to the clothing house above the restaurant and talk to the guy upstairs. Go back to the underground cell, repeat the entry process, and talk to the convict. After you offer him your conjugal services, go to the bottom right of the town map (under the park) and dig in the one bald spot of grass. God smiles on you, and gives you an X-Ball after an indordinate amount of running and useless conversation that even machine translation can't make sense of. I'm pretty sure Kyle became that guy's wife, somehow.

6. Go to the bar, talk to the blue-haired guy (second table from the upper left) and listen to their conversation. Go to the men's washroom at night and talk to the girl's ass stuck in the wall. She can't go to heaven unless she gets laid. Go to the arena and get lose. Save beforehand, hope you get what you need, which is FUTANARI MODO (You'll know what you get, as a PENIS pops out at the end of the scene). You are now a part-time futa. Go back at night and give her a hot dicking. God smiles on you and gives you an X-Ball, but is quickly taken aback by the fact that you now have a penis.

7. Go to the black market seller guy and buy the raffle pouch. Get tissue from it (looks like a packet of tissue). 福袋 is what it should read. Go on a mission with the old man mercenary. He'll horribly mangle what innocence you might've had left. He'll give you an enema syringe. のヮの Go to the guard station and talk to the guard on or near the bed. You'll give him an enema. のヮの After this, he will run to the bathroom and be unable to leave, as there is no tissue paper. Give him your tissue paper. God will give you an X-Ball that probably came from the guard's lower intestine.

Congratulations, you can now summon Shen L-I mean the "X" Dragon.

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