RingoStarrandBrittAllcroftFan's Barney's Shining Time Station Tales Episode ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make. It features Thomas & Friends Season 1-2 episodes narrated by Ringo Starr as Barney. While in Barney & Friends, BJ's voice changes, BJ still has his Season 3 voice in every season.

Season 1 (1995-1996)

BJ Alone!


BJ's Girlfriend goes out of town. BJ misses her, so he has Barney and Baby Bop waiting on him, catering to his every whim. However, when they realize they get paid with nothing more than IOUs, they start to revolt...


  • Apperences by Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and BJ's Girlfriend
  • Thomas Stories: Gordon Takes A Dip and Down The Mine.
  • First episode Ringo Starr voices Barney.

Season 2 (1996-1997)

Season 3 (1997-1998)

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