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  • Thomas as Barney (Both The Main Stars)
  • Emily as Baby Bop (Both Love Instrents to Thomas and Barney)
  • James as BJ (Both Vain)
  • Edward as Riff (Both Wise and Kind)
  • Lillie Lighthouse the Stirling Tender Engine (a made-up Thomas character) as Mom (Sandy Duncan) (Both Smart Women)
  • Ten Cents the Tank Engine (a made-up Thomas character) as Dad (Bob Reed)
  • Duck as Michael (Both Western)
  • Lady as Amy (Both Sisters to Duck and Michael)
  • Mavis as Tina (Both Young)
  • Daisy as Luci (Both Big Sisters)
  • Duncan as Jason (1) (Both Stubborn and Vain)
  • Billy as Derek (Both Silly and Tricky)
  • Toby as Adam (Both Wise and Smart)
  • Skarloey as Jeffrey (Both Smart)
  • Peter Sam as Shawn (Both Well-Mannered)
  • Molly as Kathy (Both Sweet)
  • Isobella as Min (Both Smart Girls)
  • Madge as Tosha (Both Girlfriends to Peter Sam and Shawn)
  • Carla the Diesel Rail-Car (a made-up Thomas character) as Julie (both friendly girls)
  • Rheneas as David (Both Smart)
  • Fearless Freddie as Jason (2) (Both Fearless and Brave)
  • Henry as Carlos (Both Smart and Clumsy)
  • Flora as Maria (Both Young)
  • Donald as Juan (Both Wise)
  • Douglas as Kenneth (Both Wise, like Donald and Juan)
  • Derek as Stephen (Both Friendly)
  • Sir Handel as Mr. Boyd (Both Wise)
  • Sally the Seaplane Engine (a made-up Thomas character) as Stella the Storyteller (Both friendly girls, like Carla and Julie)
  • Stella the Purple Tender Engine (a made-up Thomas character) as Kristen (Both Smart Girls)
  • Rosie as Rebecca (both cute girls)
  • Elizabeth as Kim (both wise girls)
  • Scruff as Chip (both smart boys)
  • Belle as Hannah (Both Smart and Wise Girls)
  • Stepney as Robert (Both Grateful)
  • Oliver as Jeff (Both Western)
  • Percy as Danny (Both Small)


  • Thomas as Mario (Thomas and Mario are both the main heroes)
  • Henry as Luigi (Both wear green and both brother figures to Thomas and Mario)
  • Peter Sam as Yoshi (Both dark green and both well mannered)
  • Emily as Princess Peach (Thomas has a crush on Emily, just like Mario has a crush on Princess Peach, because Emily and Princess Peach are both girlfriends to Thomas and Mario)
  • Mavis as Princess Daisy (Henry has a crush on Mavis, just like Mavis has a crush on Princess Daisy, because they are both girlfriends to Henry and Luigi)
  • Madge as Birdo (Peter Sam has a crush on Madge, just like Yoshi has a crush on Birdo, because they are both girlfriends to Peter Sam and Yoshi)
  • Edward as Toad (Both wise, kind, and helpful)
  • Diesel 10 as King Bowser Koopa (Both evil, strong, stupid, and the main villains)
  • James as Wario (Both vain, splendid, wise, smart, naughty, rude, and kind rivals to Thomas and Mario)
  • Devious Diesel as Waluigi (Both partners to James and Wario)
  • Bill/Ben as Yellow Toad (Both yellow)
  • Stanley as White Toad (Both white)
  • Percy as Green Toad (Both small, green, helpful, kind-hearted, smart, young, and cheeky)
  • Wilbert as Blue Toad (Both blue)
  • Billy as Orange Toad (Both young and orange)
  • Neville as Black Toad (Both Black)
  • Charlie as Purple Toad (Both Purple)
  • Gordon as Donkey Kong (Both big, powerful, proud, and strong)
  • Toby as Diddy Kong (Both small, friendly, kind, and wise)
  • Duck as Toadsworth (Both Western, Wise, and Helpful)
  • Bertie as Baby Mario (Both red)
  • Terence as Baby Luigi (Both smart)
  • Trevor as Baby Yoshi (Both green)
  • Velma the Bus (a made-up Thomas character) as Baby Peach (Both girlfriends to Bertie and Baby Mario)
  • Wendy the Tractor (a made-up Thomas character) as Baby Daisy (Both girlfriends to Terence and Baby Luigi)
  • Splatter/Dodge as Bowser Jr. (both mean and evil)
  • Donald as Geno (both friends with Douglas and Mallow)
  • Douglas as Mallow (both friends with Donald and Geno)
  • Stepney as Oogtar (Both wear yellow)

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