Rio: The Series is the prequel series to Rio 1½: Blu's Adventure.

Cast replacements

Ben Diskin will replace Jesse Einsenberg, Hayden Walch will replace Anne Hathaway, Hank Azaria will replace David Hyde Pierce and Jason Alexander, Jim Cummings will replace George Lopez and Jamie Foxx, Daveigh Chase will replace Rachel Crow, Tara Strong will replace Amandala Stenberg and Kristin Chenoweth, Frank Welker will replace Tracy Morgan and Pierce Gagnon, Jeff Bennett will replace, Jemaine Clement and Micheal McKean, Jason Alexander will replace Andy Garcia, Peter Dinklage will replace Bruno Mars and Joan Cusack will replace Rita Moreno

Characters' new clothes

  • Carla (in "an Amazon christmas"): Gucci Purple Long-Sleeved Acetate Dress, H&M Parka, Boohoo Milly Basic Jersey Leggings, FOREVER 21 Everyday Faux Leather Tote, Jane Norman Brown Faux Fur Hat, Fluffy Knit Gloves, Yves Saint Laurent Purple Tribute Ankle Boots


  • The clips are from Rio, Rio 2, Open Season 2 and Open Season 3.

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