Match 1: Special Referee Tag Team

Superstar Billy Graham & Hulk Hogan VS Umaga & Ric Flair

Special Referee: Johnny Nitro

Hulk Hogan & Billy Graham won the match after Umaga got counted out at 7:29.

Match 2: Match 2: 6 Man Battle Royal Pin & Give Up

Gregory Helms VS Cactus Jack VS Edge VS Tully Blanchard VS George Hackenschmidt VS Big Show

Order of Elimination

1. Gregory Helms by Cactus Jack at 4:38.

2. Big Show by Edge after an Edgeucution at 5:08.

3. Tully Blanchard by Edge after an Edgeucution at 6:45.

4. George Hackenschmidt by Cactus Jack after a Double Arm DDT at 6:58.

5. Edge by Cactus Jack after a rope attack at 7:25.

Winner: Cactus Jack

Match 3: Tag Team Tornado Tag

Shelton Benjamin & Sting VS Sephiroth & Mankind

Mankind & Sephiroth won the match after Mankind pinned Shelton after a Mandible Claw at 5:32.

Match 4: Hardcore Triple Threat

Chris Sabin VS AJ Styles VS Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley won the match after pinning AJ after a Spear at 8:01.

Match 5: Steel Cage Single Escape Only

Vader VS Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit won after escaping the cage at 6:47.

Match 6: Submission

John Cena VS Tazz

John Cena won after making Tazz Tap Out to the STF-U at 6:37.

Match 7: Tag Team

Batista & Giant Baba VS Bam Bam Bigelow & Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Match ended in a double count out at 4:36.

Match 8: Steel Cage Single Escape Only

Kurt Angle VS The Undertaker

Kurt Angle won after escaping the cage at 4:55.

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