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Ristkon Wiki

This is a Wiki about the conlangs/concultures that I have been developing for about 20 years. The old website for this stuff is nearing the end of its usefulness.

The word Ristkon itself is a Stofonian word meaning:

  • One of the major gods of the Elosian-Stofonian Religions. The name literally means "our father", "our lord", with emphasis on "our".
  • A name for the world in which the Stofonians live. Note that the god Ristkon is not actually identified with the world. This usage evolved from the use of such phrases as "Ristkon's Kingdom" (Ristkonin Sinist), "Ristkon's Empire" (Ristkonin Elikaln), and "Ristkon's Land" (Ristkoninstof, Riskonstof) to describe the world.

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