No one species plays the predominant role of the horse in Ristkonian history.

  • Morss - Is a mammal resembling a gigantic rodent. It can be ridden, and is extremely fast for short distances. It is the traditional mount for front-line cavalry. It cannot be ridden long journeys. It has no weapons of its own, and relies on its rider to do the fighting. It is not suitable for farm work or general transportation, but has long been used in sports similar to polo and horse racing.
  • Ristkonian Ox - This is a hoofed animal more resembling a cow than a horse. Its stocky nature makes it very suitable for pulling carts, and in the era before motorized vehicles, it was a major transportation animal. They can also be ridden, and have been used as cavalry mounts. However, they are not as fast as the Morss, and skilled Morss riders will defeat ox riders every time. A war ox and its rider can be surrounded and brought down by a pack of Dogs o'War. They have a natural tendency to attempt to butt opposing animals (such as Great Kar) with their horns; this can be difficult for the rider to control.
  • Great Kar - While normally a standalone fighting animal, this was sometimes ridden into battle.

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