A vaguely wolf-like creature found in many parts of the world of Ristkon. Sometimes known as the Lesser Kar.

Also called the Elosian Wolf or Stofonian Wolf, although technically those are subspecies and not synonyms for the species as a whole. The term Dog o'War refers specifically to the domesticated version.

Related to both the Wada and the Great Kar, and between the two in size.

The Ristkonian Wolf has been domesticated since prehistoric times, but the tame versions have never moved so far away from the wild ancestor as the dog has from the wolf of Earth.

Human needs for a small dog-like creature, have been filled by the wada. The domesticated form of Ristkonian Wolf is everywhere a large, fearsome creature; famed as guard animals and in former times, attack animals on the battlefield (often fighting alongside the Great Kar).

Unlike most other military animals, the Dog o'War continues to be used by various armies as a guard animal. Many became feral during the Fracture of the Stofonian Empire.

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