Rita the Fox in Wonderland (WarnerBrosJr. style)

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Dedicated to Baddwing Strongdrew941 CoolZDane Perryplatypusfan Moveimagic8011 TheCityMaker The4EverSimpsons and Catdog04272


-Goofy - Yellow Blupi [Speedy Eggbert The Movie]

-Max - Mr. Bump [The Mr. Men Show]

-Roxanne - Gumball [The Amazing World of Gumball]

-Piano Player - Wubbzy [Wow Wow Wubbzy]

-3 Female Country Girls - Green/Red/Blue [Face Raiders 3DS]

-Tow Truck Driver - Tinky Winky [Teletubbies]

-Prisoner - Ratigan [Bedknobs and Broomsticks]

-Small Man - Snoopy [Charlie Brown]

-Donald Duck - Sandy [SpongeBob SquarePants]

-Little Old Lady - Xtranormal [GoAnimate]

-Man Driving Funeral Car - Donkey [SHREK]

-Creepy Man In Funeral Car - Lumpy Space Princess [Adventure Time]

-Nuns - Mr Banks Maid [Mary Poppins]

-Mickey Mouse - Darwin [The Amazing World of Gumball]

-Others as The Drivers - Little Guy [Greeny Phatom]

-Babes in Toyland - Cat in the Hat [Dr. Seuss]

-The Prince of Tides - Perry [Phineas and Ferb]

-Bob the Builder - Homer [The Simpsons]

-Little Miss Calamity - Dillydale Dance Floor [The Mr. Men Show]

-Timmy - [Bear in the Big Blue House]

-Elmo - Big Bird [Sesame Street]

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