River 2006 is the name for the events which took place for the Rivers in the year 2006. These events started from the start of the year unlike where before events would start in between summer.

After beating Nick Green earlier that year things started to return back to normal. Unlike where before Steph Colledge would sometimes take off like she did back in River 1987 she started to learn to like Devon. Also Becky Miles heard what had went on with Nick Green and soon she started to once again hang around with Scott Curtis the story started when they all went to a party. Which was crashed by a girl dressed as a ninja wearing Black clothing. She didnt speak and took on Scott Curtis, Becky Miles and Steph Colledge They were hurt in the fight she spoke the words Nick Green is coming back and there is nothing you can do.

After the fight the group were once again trying to find out what Nick Green was up to and if he was after Becky Miles then they might have to stop him and his new found mate who attacked them earlier. As the group started to look into all of this. It was found out that the girl had came from Torquay which was part of the Hele Crew zone. They had been fighting each other for many years and it look like another Gang war could soon break out between them.

Scott Curtis took a group of the Rivers with him being, Jamie Jackson Steph Colledge, Becky Miles, Keith Rainer Maria Hart and Lizzy Smith into Hele with him where they had a gang war. They then found out Nick Green was with Steph Yates who was his new girlfriend. As they fought they found themselfs out numbered and had to retreat because of the numbers.

They now needed some kind of plan to bring a stop to the Hele Crew. Scott Curtis, Steph Colledge and Becky Miles had now grown quite close and enjoyed spending there time with each other. In April they were walking across Preston when Steph Colledge walked in front of them. All of a sudden she was sent backwards and hit the floor. As this went on Scott Curtis and Becky Miles looked to see Nick Green coming towards them after he had knocked out Steph Colledge. He was now even more well built than he was last year.

He ran towards Scott and tried to choke him. He started to shout this is the rematch Curtis and i'll have you next! Becky Miles picked up a piece of wood and started to hit him many times. After a few hits with a piece of wood he got the piece of wood off Becky and hit her aswell. However Nick Green ran shouting i'll have you next time!

Everyone was okay just a bit shaken it was then the group came up with someway to stop Nick Green and his Hele crew before they did anymore damage.

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