A River Hunter is a person who hunts the six Rivers and will kill them on contact with them they have been around since 1406. These present days they are rare to hear from but they are still around.

A River Hunter is a follower who thinks he is working for god. Normally they had a vision telling them they have been chosen to kill the Rivers. The last time any of the Rivers have reported running into a River Hunter was in 1981 in Townsville.

In which the River Hunter died in the hands of Emma Smith when he was stabbed in the heart with his own sword after a rematch with her.

There weapon of choice is either a pistol or a blade they are trained in fight in hand to hand combat but they are aware there fighting skills are not as good as the Rivers. this is the reason why they will use weapons so they have a better chance of killing there target.

Normally they have lived normal lifes and even have there own family and this makes it harder for the Rivers having to kill a loving father or mother.

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