The Rivers were first born in the year 1406 they are a group of people when they die from a death there born again. In a new life however when they start there new life they remember what went on in there pass life. There are a total of six who go by there number and River.



The Rivers do not know what made them who they are today but were first aware in there second lives that they had been alive before and found that fate brought them back together. Even in the present day they find themself facing things which are not normal therefore this has became there job to protect people from things which they are sent to deal with. Unsure when there life will end every generation fights to protect anyone who migt be hurt. In there first lives there were 3 Males and 3 Females. However also like being reborn there sex can change where as if someone might of been a man the next time they could be a women.

They have stored there stories in what they call the River diarys. This records the events from 1406 to the present day. Each chapter is kept in order from the year.

The Main rule of the River is Surival almost anything will be done if needed to live.


Chapter 2012 Tomb Of Totnes

Chapter 2011 Sanders And Fairbanks

Chapter 2010 Destiny Miles

Chapter 2008 Events Of Hatlinks

Chapter 2007 The Sernet

Chapter 2006 Return Of Green

Chapter 2005 Green Wars

Chapter 2004 Colledge Trouble

Chapter 2003 Barry Return

Chapter 2002 Oasis Clones

Chapter 2001 Kingsteigton Undead

Chapter 1987 Melbourne Knight

Chapter 1986 Ragan Toys

Chapter 1985 Return Of Brunswick

Chapter 1984 Killer Fox

Chapter 1983 Ragan Monsters

Chapter 1982 Mobsters Wars

Chapter 1981 Aussie Gangsta

Chapter 1967 Fever Las Vegas

Chapter 1950 A Cross In Friendship

Six Rivers

There are 6 Rivers.

First River Scott Curtis

Second River Jane Fairbanks

Third River Jamie Jackson

Forth River Zoe Hart

Fifth River Primrose Windsor

Sixth River Steph Colledge

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