The Eternal Star

(Blade of Oblivion and staff)

Rixon's full name is Rixon Kyakashi Deveareux. He was positioned second in the original order of the new Organization. At the beginning of the order, he was twenty years old.


Rixon has bright, flame red hair. It's scraped back into a messy ponytail, which falls just above his shoulders. His eyes are deep violet, stern, but somewhat childlike. He is very tall, standing at six and a half feet. He is very pale, almost pure white. His body is lanky and well toned, but covered with scars from his work. He dresses casually, usually in t-shirts and skinny jeans.


Before the time skip, Rixon was very sour. He was quite self obsessed, and found that often he left a bad impression on people. He had a very odd sense of humour, often breaking into laughter when someone said they considered him their friend. He was very confident in himself, thinking he was on top. However, he did have a soft spot for Axial, who, after rescuing him from the Negative prison, he developed a large crush on.


He has an extreme problem with getting possessed. It was because of that that he first killed Layax, who he later fell in love with. He would go to the end of the universe to please her. He slowly warmed up to others, after facing many problems alongside them.


Pre-time-skip, Layax was his girlfriend, who he was completely devoted to. He was weak friends with most of the Organization.


The Eternal Star

(Blade of Oblivion)

Rixon became the Superior of the Organization after his wife, Layax, killed Axial. Though nervous at first, he has warmed up to the position considerably. He is now twenty three, after discovering his birthday is the eighteenth of July.

New Appearance

Not much has changed about his appearance. He still has the same basic look. However, he is slightly taller, now at six foot seven. He has two small gold hoops in his upper left ear, and a black teardrop in his lower ear on the same side. He also dresses slightly more formally.

New Personality

He has grown up vast amounts. He is much more sensible, and his sense of humour has changed to a more typical one. However, he does have quite the temper, and will unleash it upon anyone unfortunate enough. He is quite happy most of the time, and has made friends with many people.


After an attack on the Castle That Never Was, he lost a substantial amount of memory. He is slowly relearning things, but he can be quite nervous at times as a result.


He is now married to Layax, and his devotion remains the same. He has a son, Xenos, and is expecting another child. He is stronger friends with more of the Organization - those he remembers, anyway.

Cyxrus 21:44, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

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