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Cast: (in order of appearance): Lance512, Antono

Places: A road, SackDonalds,

Page Title: The Vision


{A dreaming looking world appears.}

Figure: Let it begin.

Figure2: Let it stop.

{A machine opens.}

Figure1: It is done.

Figure2: Yes.

{Lance then wakes with a startel}

LANCE512: Why must this happen to me.

ANTONO: You don't look well.


{They swerve to miss a wall.}

LANCE512: I guess this would be easier for everyone. {He looks at the screen and then looks back.} Just call me Lance.

ANTONO: Ok just Lance.

LANCE512: No its just Lance.

{He then stops.}

LANCE512: Never mind.

ANTONO: Hahaha.

LANCE512: So what should we do.

ANTONO: Lets go to Sackdonalds.

LANCE512: Thats fine with me.

{They arrive at the place and walk in. They place their order.}

LANCE512: This stuff is too much for me.

ANTONO: What? How can that be. You all most didn't touch you Wooper.

LANCE512: Let me just play with my toy I got.

ANTONO: I don't even want to know.

{ANTONO then finishes his burger.}

LANCE512: Well lets go.

ANTONO: Thats fine with me.

LANCE: Wait don't get into the car.


LANCE: Because their is a bomb under the car.

ANTONO: Thats not our car. That is. {He points to a car that looks nothing like the car Lance was looking at.}

LANCE: Oh then its not our problem then.

ANTONO: Plus that car is being worked on my the person behind us.

LANCE512: I haven't learned a thing on this trip. Lets go home.

{They get into the car and drive home. They walk in.}

WIZZARD: {Wizzard is at the door.} How was the trip.

ANTONO: It has its ups and downs.

WIZZARD: Thats good. I think. Did you learn anything Lance.

LANCE: How did you know I wanted you to call me Lance. Don't answer that. {He remembers that Wizzard is well a Wizzard.}

ANTONO: I guess I have to go. Half-Elephant Guy wants my help for something.

LANCE: No, don't go. I thought that we were building a good friendship.

ANTONO: Your right. Besides Half-elephant guy can solve whatever it is by himself.

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