The Roamers originated from the Kanaka, the last of the eleven generation ships to leave Earth. Originally intended to arrive on a planet and become colonists, they instead became the Roamers. This was brought about soon after the Ildirans brought their ancestors to the fertile planet, Iawa; during their first major harvest, the colonists' crops were all but annihilated by a virus that attacked Terran-based plant life. With their food reserves rapidly dwindling, the people decided to take their chances in space (where they had thrived), and so they all boarded the still intact Kanaka and set out into the vast galaxy once again. Eventually they re-established contact with the people they had left at the Meyer rubble belt, and all banded together to find a new way of life amongst the stars.

Roamers are well-known for their fierce independence, as well as their highly innovative (though somewhat dangerous) methods. They are normally referred to as 'Space gypsies' or 'Roachers'. The Hansa do not think well of them, though they are required to trade with them for ekti, a vital stardrive fuel. This is one of their main sources of income. The Roamers use skymines, ekti-harvesting and processing facilities located in gas giant clouds, to acquire this fuel. They are the main source of ekti for both the Hansa and Ildiran Empire, though they do not have much trade with the Ildirans. They have next to no military force, relying mainly on secrecy to ensure their safety. The Roamer society is split up into multiple clans, their leader being a Speaker. Their 'capital' is at Rendezvous, a site which is kept very secret. They are extremely adaptible and can adjust their equipment and lifestyle to suit various harsh conditions. They rely on others for assistance, products, etc. as little as possible.


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