Version 1 (by LegalizeAnythingMuppets)

  • Roary as Finley
  • Marsha as DJ
  • Big Chris as Captain Parker
  • Cici as Isabelle
  • Maxi as Gorby
  • Plugger as Miguel
  • Emily (from Thoedore Tugboat) as Jesse
  • Drifter as Scooty
  • Tin Top as Dex (Dexter)
  • Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat) as Abigail
  • and many more

Version 2 (by Elias)

  • Roary as Finley (Both are red and white)
  • Breeze as DJ
  • Drifter as Captain Parker (Both are wise)
  • Cici as Isabelle (Both are girlfriends to Roary and Finley)
  • Plugger as Gorby
  • FB as Miguel
  • Rosie (from Thomas & Friends) as Jesse
  • Tin Top as Scooty
  • Maxi as Dex (Dexter)
  • Marsha as Abigail
  • Nick as Hubert
  • Big Chris as Suds
  • Mama Mia and Mr. Carburettor as Lois and Lyle
  • and many more